Saturday, January 31, 2009

Perfect Plum!

Oh, I do love Roberto Cavalli clothes!! And after seeing the above outfit on the website - I couldn't help but pick out a few matching interiors to go with it! 
(The bedroom on the right is from Living Etc.)

Left, Living Etc. Right, House to Home, UK.

Left, Living Etc. Right, Shootfactory.

Wish One...

these two photographs from Taverne Agency

A few weeks ago, by chance, I watched 'The Bucket List' with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson (whom I think is a great actor). Anyways, without delving too much into the plot, it's basically about two old men who, sharing the same hospital room, find out they have only a few months to live. In finding this out, they make their 'bucket list' - all of the things they want to do before they die.

This got me thinking, as I'm sure most would, what would I do if I found out I had only months to live? Some answers came right away, others over time... so, I'm going to post them here - in no particular order. The things I want to do, places I want to go... and maybe I'll never have a deadline to keep to.

So - here's one, I want to ride a beautiful horse along an endless beach, and at times, really fast so I can feel the wind on my face. Late in the afternoon too... so I can watch the sun set as I trot alone the sandy beach.... an absolutely beautiful, peaceful, and invigorating moment to be lived.

Thinking about how beautiful and powerful horses are, and how much I admire their beauty, grace within that strength. I couldn't help but think of the photographer Tim Flach, who's 'Equus' book project, displays his entire horse series. For an article and interview with Tim Flach on this, see this link.
 These photos say it all, and are so breathtaking, they are so visually descriptive in their simplicity, I am quite captivated.. Here are some of my favorites, I particularly like the one below on the right - which was taken as this horse was racing down a track at 30 mph, and then pulled to a grinding halt... it's a powerful image...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Light Of The Moon...

In my mind, this is where I am when I hear this music...

I just got off the phone with my Dad, and sometimes he'll play the piano for me while I listen. I absolutely love it...

My most favorite, which he did play, is Claude Debussy's 'Claire de lune'. It's a stunning piece. One that warms my heart in so many ways... It also reminds me of when I listened to him play it at Christmas, which I enjoyed so much. I can see Dad now - and his smile when's he's finished...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time to go a lil South - Virginia!

This time - South of the city!! Yup, I'm hunting real estate again.. and thought I'd investigate 'down' since I'd been 'up' already!!
Above is a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, renovated 1915 gorgeous house, sitting on 10 acres in Huddleston, Virginia. Although I'm not a big fan of such renovated homes, I do LOVE the wrap around porch! (I like that green room with the stone fireplace too!)

Below is something a little more up my street! This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Farmhouse is known as Bosworth House. Located in Brownsberg, Virginia and built in 1834, it's attached log cabin was built in 1850. I LOVE the architectural details of this house; the chestnut & heart pine floors, the fireplaces (6!), the walls, and the ceiling beams... It's got a beautiful view from the back porch, just a shame that it's only on .45 acres! Still, I love this lil place!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Rentin' In Maine...

Yes, I've been looking at homes in Maine again... this time to rent, although, if I could own either one of these two places I would LOVE it, and make my own little improvements....

Above, a beautiful 3 bed, 1.5 bath house on Cousins Island, near to Portland, which looks over Casco Bay.... I really like the look of this little plot of land! But most of all I LOVE and ADORE that porch.... there are in fact two, one of which comes off the mater bedroom... HEAVEN. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be watching the sun set over the water from there...

Below, is another gorgeous and totally charming little place. 1 bed (although it says it can be a 2 bedroom in the summer? hm..) house in York, and just a short walk to Long Sands Beach.
I'm in love with the total charm this little place has, the brick, the wood, the light, the general cottage feel...cosy and adorable! And completely unpretentious! Just my cup of tea! There's a deck out the back too, although the pictures don't show it... Soo when can I move in?!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Interiors to describe how I feel.... On the left, how I feel right now; worn, beaten, rough, used and abused... On the right, How I wish I felt; fresh, warm, bright, and soft... Thank gosh it's Friday, perhaps I'll wake up to a better day tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Humorous Etsy find! From Trixidelicious... onto vintage plates, cups, saucers and more, she hand paints words such as the seven deadly sins, the seven heavenly virtues, and my favorite "Brainwashed"!
She's been featured in Elle Decoration (UK), O at Home and many more.. for the full tale, check out her blog here!