Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Wonderful Over-Lapping Life...

one of the best movies ever made!

As you may have noticed, I've had a little blog revamp! It's a new year, and what's a better time to make a few updates?!

I found the above image of an old "It's A Wonderful Life" poster while actually looking for something else... and I think it's a great find! And of course, it's a beautiful movie!
I've had this feeling of things over-lapping in my life recently... take this poster for instance. I rented and watched this movie just the other day - something I'd been meaning to do for a long time, and then I stumble upon this!

And then there's my somewhat sudden drive of inspiration - as though everything around me is suddenly sparking off a torrent of creative thoughts and ideas, but only of course arriving as soon as I have to go back to work!!

Then there was this old film I found while I was back in Michigan cleaning out some things. I remember having it - and meaning to develop it - for quite a while now! I had no idea what was on it, or even how old it was. I mean, it must have been pretty old.. I've unfortunately been too connected to the digital camera. 
So anyways, bringing this little reel back to the city, I finally had it developed and picked up the pictures last night... and guess what was on it? My Fine Art Degree show!!! They didn't come out too bad too! Old images showing off my paintings on crisp white walls, in a large bright studio.. my University days in Bristol, England... 
They brought back those memories as if they were yesterday... But it was five and a half years ago... wow, how time flies...

Also in there (as well as some far too embarrassing photos of myself!) was my friend Sarah's Art Degree show too... but we actually first met outside of University! She has remained a most amazing friend all these years, through all the roads we have travelled, leading us on our own paths, and through several countries, we have remained close all the time... The funny thing is, no matter how much time seems to pass between phone calls or seeing each other, when we do its like no time has passed at all! It's like we just start up where we left off!
Well today is her Birthday!! And so of course, I called her up in England, and wished her a very wonderful day! We settled on a call date for this Sunday, so we can do the holiday catch up too! I'm hoping to hit up a trip to the UK this spring, and you must know by now, a visit to her, her house, and her might-as-well-be husband!! will be very high on that list of who I need to see over there!!!! I can't wait!!!!!

Anyways... time for a cuppa tea (as always!) and just one more time... 

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