Saturday, December 5, 2009

Updates and Twinkle Lights!

Dear Bloggers, Readers, and Blog World,

I offer my apologies! I have been gone far too long, and although I think I have a pretty good excuse, I have missed you so much!!
I had shamefully forgotten how much I loved posting here and sharing with all of you - return readers and new ones - all of the things that I love and get up to!

So, to recap on the past few months, and just briefly to spare you all the long drawn out story time!
My Sister moved to NYC, and has been staying with me until she gets on her own feet here, and I am happy to report she has done good job of it to! And right before Christmas - I think she got her Christmas wish! ;)
I got a new job!! Which, I have now been in since September, and I absolutely adore!!! I feel I am very lucky indeed that in this economy I was able to move from one company, right into another, and with more money! So, from an Architecture firm to a high end Interior Design firm as a project manager.. and I couldn't be happier!!
Home is pretty much the same. Same lovely apartment, with my fat boy slim cat, Oscar! He has gained a few more toys since August mind you! Thanksgiving was spend with my Sister at the Macy's Parade - I've been here over three years and that was the first time I'd seen it! And the holidays, of course, also came with the traditional trip to Las Vegas with my Dad!!!
On the romantic side of my life, my boyfriend and I broke up, I believe I had mentioned him on here before. Still, when it's not working, it's just not working.
And now we are all rolling on into Christmas!!! Which my the way - I LOVE!!!
Last night, while my roomie, and my sister was out, I had a glass of wine, sang Christmas songs and put up my own set of gorgeous twinkle lights around the breakfast bar! I hung my pretty glass ornaments from them too, and I must say, they look pretty special!! I went for the white wire twinkle lights of course - they are soo much nicer when a tree isn't involved!!
Talking of which, the tree was out of bounds due to my fat boy slim! Who I believe would have had way too much fun trying to eat the thing! This way is much more cat friendly, and still so beautifully Christmasy!!!! Oh!! It's so exciting!!

And so, to finish off my long update of goings on! I've posted below some pretty images of twinkly lights... because they're not just for Christmas, and yes, I'm trying to convince myself I can keep mine up all year round!! I love them around the bed - so beautifully pretty and rustic!!