Saturday, May 31, 2008

The "Screamer"!!!!

It's been too long since my last post.... so to begin the ball rolling again, we're going to really roll!!

Memorial Day weekend was ammmaaazzing! I went to Six Flags Great Adventures in NJ with my friend Jas and her wonderful kids! I've never been before, and when I was younger I was terrified of roller coasters!! However!!!! Last weekend I made up for it all and went all out on the experience!! Literally screaming, laughing and dancing my way up and down and  all around the park!!! I loved every second of it!! THANK YOU JAS!!!!!!

So I thought I would share a few pictures and a photo of myself on the "screamer", these pretty much say it all!! I wanted to go again as soon as it was over!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend...

Well, It's Memorial Day weekend, and before I leave the city, I thought I'd make one more post about something that I heard the other evening, which seemed to make a lot of sense for me in my life right now...Some of you might recognize it from the movie Hope Floats (1998) ...

"She says that beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it's the middle that counts the most. Try to remember that when you find yourself at a new beginning. Just give hope a chance to float up. And it will too..."

I hope you all have a beautiful and wonderful long weekend....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

ICFF part Three! - and last!

Now, although the ICFF is officially over (it was on tuesday!) and I completely forgot about how they sell their goods which have been on show all weekend on that very tuesday ...(I could have picked up some aaaammazing deals!!!! gr...) I still have one more post of pictures to show you all....Enjoy!!

Baaa! Pink sheep anyone? Now who said it was only a horse that was lucky enough to rock away for kids?!! Adore this little pink lady!! One of the many designs, from one of the many designers from Crafts Collection, a company focused on Danish design which offers amazing alternatives to the average mass produced product - and boy do they do it well!! The pink sheep is designed by Povl Kjer, made with varnished pine, cushioned and upholstered in lambskin...For more information and other amazing Crafts Collection designs check out their website- Here!!!
And talking of animals....who else in the world of design and interiors would possibly have the idea of making a pig - this one with a bandaged ear!! - into a coffee table?? Hm, are you thinking of horses as lampshades yet?! Oh yes, Moooi strikes again! Crazy and classic, every time..of course - the website here! And I do like the funny banging noise on the link page when you go over the Moooi logo!!!! ha!

I am just loving the variety of lights shown at the ICFF! Every one stirs the senses which such a great mix of textures....Above, Josh Urso Design, with puffs of fabric, soft and warm - website here! (also check out his chairs, tables and bowls on his site!!)
From Furry, to shiny!!! I aaadddooorrreeee these mirror ball pendant lights!! And this is only one kind of light from Tom Dixon's Designs! He also has chairs and tables too - for more - here!!!

And now to wood, glorious wood!! From close to home, Brooklyn - I bring you, Dform! Founded in 2001 by James Dieter, the Dform lights are a manipulation of wood veneers or!! - here!
Now this was an impressive booth! Molo - a company dedicated to materials research and the exploration of space making. Their designs are a growth from the designers, Forsythe and MacAllen's architectural exhibitions. Above is their "Soft" Line, made of paper! Which has received numerous international awards, and their "Soft Wall" and "Soft Seating" Lines are in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art, here in New York. For more, website!

Iannonne, above, is a firm dedicated to eco-friendly modern design, and I'm all over it like hippie into tree hugging!!!!! In my photo, the top sideboard has a cork front, and the texture is amazing - even just to see, let alone feel! Website!!

Well, That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed my trip to the 2008 ICFF as much as I did!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just wanted to say....

Sometimes, people in your life should just get a shout out for the whole world to hear - a "Hey, you're a great friend and a wonderful person!!!" Yup... Jas, this one's for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Cowboys and Horses...

I've had an exhausting day, and I haven't been sleeping well recently either...BUT! After making myself the first truly successful egg fried rice I've ever attempted, I sat down to eat, and found the perfect movie on! Perfect!
Much to my delight, John Wayne and Robert Mitchum sparkled on my screen with James Caan to join them....If you haven't seen it, and you're like me, and a sucker for westerns, cowboys and men being men - Then you gotta check out El Dorado (1966)! A hired gunman (Wayne), a slowly sobering sheriff (Mitchum) and a wanderer with a funny looking hat (Caan) join together to fight the bad guys.... and although the movie isn't over, you know the good guys always win!
Now, Its time for me to sit back, relax and watch two of my favorite actors of all time work their magic onscreen... bliss!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ICFF part Deux!!

Ah....More from the ICFF! Above is a rug by Stile BK, Check out the website - here! I love this rug, so fun, classic in it's own way - I'd love this in my lounge, and it could look so good in a boys bedroom too! For the playful side in all of us...This one is from their Limited Edition collection "Fumetto".
What can I say? You want amazing black and white? You want Missoni Home....enough said! Loovvee Missoni....
Hungry? Although I can't honestly say I could have this table in my own home, It sure looks better in real life! Posted here to show you the Refined Sugar Studio booth - If you like what you see, check out their website - here!
And just around the corner, something a little more up my street!! Now these silver wood stumps I would definitely snatch up in seconds! This is the booth for Modern Dose, created in 2005 by interior designer Estela Lugo, a self-admitted magazine junkie, who decided to bring the pages to life at affordable prices... Now how many of us have dreamed of such a business?! Nice Job Estela! Funny that the tables have turned and now Modern Dose is seen in all the best magazines!!! And not only in Domino, but two of my ultimate favorite blogs, Design*Sponge and Decor8!!! Check out the gorgeous Modern Dose website here!! 

From Brooklyn to Boulder! Photo on the left is of Brooklyn based John Pomp's lights - Now these are seriously some of the best lights I saw at the ICFF, stunning designs, amazing, and so beautiful...John Pomp Studios website is an absolute Must See!!! Check it out here!!!!!! NOW!
Now, on the right - we zoom over to Colorado and we find ourselves snuggling up with a cushion!!! Oh, and how these are so warm, glowing and furry, they almost snuggle back with you!! Diana Lin's cushions are a warming furry delight - on the sofa, table, or even nightlight! For more info check out her website here! She's also offering an ICFF $20 Discount until June 3rd!! Quick snap it up!!!!

More ICFF Later!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Time out....

I know I promised another update of the ICFF show, but to be honest I'm feeling a little sentimental, so I thought I'd just share with you two wonderful pictures I found.... A dream I have, my own little English rose garden... one day I'll be sitting on a white porch, watching them bloom..... 
....Until then, these pictures do nicely....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Three ICFF Favorites!!!

Oh the ICFF! Well, it was great wandering around and seeing so many, and such wonderful designs! It was a feast for my eyes!! Well, Im exhausted now, so I'm only going to show you a few of my favorites for now - so more later!!

Project 2 - absolutely one of my favorites there!! So bright and bold, a great use of color and design! A company dedicated to making the functional into a piece of art - mixing playful with the sophisticated. My favorite is the stripy chair and table, loovve the colors, and although it may be a little tough to sit on (just needs one of those gorgeous silk cushions!!) it just looks great!! Check out the website for more designs and info - here! Loove it!!

Elira Vroomen from the Netherlands, selling her amazing thick felt printed bags - I cannot tell you how much I love these - I could totally have one in every color!! She was selling them here for $45 - $110. Check out the website - here!

Noodle - now you knew I was on the look out for this booth - and oh! Once again, it all looks more amazing in real life!! Run by award winning British designer Sally Hudson, her designs are organic and refreshing - bringing the outside, inside! Perfect for every time of year!! Now - time to place my order....! Check out the website - here!!

Now its time to put my feet up with a proper British cuppa, its been a busy weekend!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

When It Rains?

It pours in New York....

It's a soggy wet Friday night in New York City... and what's the best thing to do when the weather is terrible? But stay in the warm, curl up under a blanket, request the presence of Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry, and gather some wonderful reading?!
Well, that's exactly what I did! The last time I gobbled up a tub of Ben & Jerry's by myself was back in Summer '06!! (can you believe it?!) In my glorious mailbox today I found my new figure drawing book - and I'm loving reading it!! (now time to put it to some more practice!) Below are just a few pictures of my three items of reading material from my evening!
A Glorious evening - it's been too long since I last spoilt myself!

Mr. Ben & Mr Jerry!

My evening's reading material!! "Master Class in Figure Drawing" by Robert Beverly Hale, "A Century of Interior Design 1900-2000" by Stanley Abercrombie and "Attention to Detail" by Suzanne Trocme.

Above images from "Master Class in Figure Drawing" by Robert Beverly Hale. This book is a wonderfully illustrated and amazing book - jammed full of very helpful hints and descriptions!! Robert Beverly Hale (1901 - November 14 1085) was an Artist, a curator of American Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and an instructor of artistic anatomy at the Art Students League of New York before retiring in 1982. A great book I will use often and keep forever!



My favorite images and years of design are in the above images from "A Century of Interior Design 1900-2000" by Stanley Abercrombie. This is a stunning book, I would recommend any interior design enthusiast to have in their collection! Although this isn't a complete history, It covers so much - year by year the book tells the story of interior design, furniture, architecture and all major events for designers, creators and inspirations within this most eventful century! 

Just a snippet! London's Suzanne Trocme's "Attention to Detail" - This is a wonderful book full of visual eye candy! It has a ton of inspiration and some just stunning photography by Andrew Wood!! Oh my head is reeling with the possibilities!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dreaming of Elevensies!

There are a few things in my life I cannot get enough of, and one of them is amazing and beautiful vintage tea cups and saucers!!....Oh so utterly British of me I know!!
I love all the different kinds I find, some completely delicate in fine china, some subtle in just glass, others bold and unmissable...One day I'll have a carefully chosen and complete collection of mismatched cups and saucers - just perfect for elevensies (that's the British morning tea time of eleven am!) and for entertaining friends...
Below are a few of my favorites I found while browsing glorious Ebay!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

International Contemporary Furniture Fair NYC!!!

As some of you may know, this weekend is the start of the ICFF (the International Contemporary Furniture Fair)!!! And due to the wonders of my job at De-Spec, I have a lovely little pass to get me in all weekend!! My pass, my guide book and invitations to parties are in the photo above!!
Every furniture company you could possibly dream of will be there, each with a stall in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center... Everything new and cool in the world of furniture will be shown - and I can tell you now - I'll be right up there documenting the event!
Some of my favorite companies will be there - which I'll hunt down!! Such as Blu Dot, and the classics like Missoni Home, Moooi, and Ingo Maurer!! And of course, from my British home land, some of my particular favorites, Noodle, Miss Print and Miranda Meilleur - beautiful samples of their work is below!
Im so excited!! And I'll have tons to show you after my visit! So more later!!
Absolutely stunning metalwork by Miranda Meilleur

Funky wallpapers and furniture stickers by Miss Print

Peaceful and gorgeous cushion covers by Noodle

Monday, May 12, 2008

De-Spec!! 2008 AIA Interior Architecture Design Award!!

Just recently, the Architecture firm I work for, De-Spec, won an award -with honors! from the very coveted 2008 AIA New York Chapter Design Awards!! It was in the Interior Architecture Category for it's design of Banchet Flowers!!

Banchet Flowers is located in the Meatpacking district of New York City, with it's bare brick walls, warm woods and the bright and airy feel of the store, De-Spec captured exactly what Banchet Jaigla wanted!
"Inspired by her childhood in Thailand and the cultural energy of New York City, Banchet has created a visual vocabulary unprecedented in the floral industry"

Banchet's floral heaven isn't just your normal flower store but has hosted weddings, music events, fashion shows, private parties and photo shoots! For more info see her website - here!!

I was very happy to attend the exhibition's opening night, and throughly enjoyed seeing all of the amazing work the AIA praised so highly! Above is our De-Spec poster of Banchet Flowers - and below are some just stunning images of the interior! I just love these pictures - and you should know by now I'm a sucker for flowers! 

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today I received an absolutely wonderful and unbelievably inspiring gift!! (THANK YOU!!!!!!)

Almost every tube of glorious paint was wrapped in newspaper, and as I sat on my living room floor, unwrapping each one, investigating each color and putting it in its rightful place in my growing color wheel, I felt like all of Christmases had come at once!! I reveled in every moment, becoming more excited the more I unwrapped! A wealth of color!! And all at my fingertips!! Oh!! The possibilities!!!!

Soon, I shall be able to show you what I can accomplish with this wealth of color!! And I can't wait to get started!!!! I'll keep you posted!!!!