Thursday, May 22, 2008

ICFF part Three! - and last!

Now, although the ICFF is officially over (it was on tuesday!) and I completely forgot about how they sell their goods which have been on show all weekend on that very tuesday ...(I could have picked up some aaaammazing deals!!!! gr...) I still have one more post of pictures to show you all....Enjoy!!

Baaa! Pink sheep anyone? Now who said it was only a horse that was lucky enough to rock away for kids?!! Adore this little pink lady!! One of the many designs, from one of the many designers from Crafts Collection, a company focused on Danish design which offers amazing alternatives to the average mass produced product - and boy do they do it well!! The pink sheep is designed by Povl Kjer, made with varnished pine, cushioned and upholstered in lambskin...For more information and other amazing Crafts Collection designs check out their website- Here!!!
And talking of animals....who else in the world of design and interiors would possibly have the idea of making a pig - this one with a bandaged ear!! - into a coffee table?? Hm, are you thinking of horses as lampshades yet?! Oh yes, Moooi strikes again! Crazy and classic, every time..of course - the website here! And I do like the funny banging noise on the link page when you go over the Moooi logo!!!! ha!

I am just loving the variety of lights shown at the ICFF! Every one stirs the senses which such a great mix of textures....Above, Josh Urso Design, with puffs of fabric, soft and warm - website here! (also check out his chairs, tables and bowls on his site!!)
From Furry, to shiny!!! I aaadddooorrreeee these mirror ball pendant lights!! And this is only one kind of light from Tom Dixon's Designs! He also has chairs and tables too - for more - here!!!

And now to wood, glorious wood!! From close to home, Brooklyn - I bring you, Dform! Founded in 2001 by James Dieter, the Dform lights are a manipulation of wood veneers or!! - here!
Now this was an impressive booth! Molo - a company dedicated to materials research and the exploration of space making. Their designs are a growth from the designers, Forsythe and MacAllen's architectural exhibitions. Above is their "Soft" Line, made of paper! Which has received numerous international awards, and their "Soft Wall" and "Soft Seating" Lines are in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art, here in New York. For more, website!

Iannonne, above, is a firm dedicated to eco-friendly modern design, and I'm all over it like hippie into tree hugging!!!!! In my photo, the top sideboard has a cork front, and the texture is amazing - even just to see, let alone feel! Website!!

Well, That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed my trip to the 2008 ICFF as much as I did!!

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Clever Elsie said...

Coffee table pig = farmhouse chic? :)

I love the light fixtures, both Josh Urso's and Tom Dixon's. They remind me of the crystal bubbles from Labyrinth for some reason!

Are the Molo lines recycled, too? ;) I should show them to my roommate. She's very cuddly with trees. She'd flip over these!