Saturday, May 17, 2008

When It Rains?

It pours in New York....

It's a soggy wet Friday night in New York City... and what's the best thing to do when the weather is terrible? But stay in the warm, curl up under a blanket, request the presence of Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry, and gather some wonderful reading?!
Well, that's exactly what I did! The last time I gobbled up a tub of Ben & Jerry's by myself was back in Summer '06!! (can you believe it?!) In my glorious mailbox today I found my new figure drawing book - and I'm loving reading it!! (now time to put it to some more practice!) Below are just a few pictures of my three items of reading material from my evening!
A Glorious evening - it's been too long since I last spoilt myself!

Mr. Ben & Mr Jerry!

My evening's reading material!! "Master Class in Figure Drawing" by Robert Beverly Hale, "A Century of Interior Design 1900-2000" by Stanley Abercrombie and "Attention to Detail" by Suzanne Trocme.

Above images from "Master Class in Figure Drawing" by Robert Beverly Hale. This book is a wonderfully illustrated and amazing book - jammed full of very helpful hints and descriptions!! Robert Beverly Hale (1901 - November 14 1085) was an Artist, a curator of American Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and an instructor of artistic anatomy at the Art Students League of New York before retiring in 1982. A great book I will use often and keep forever!



My favorite images and years of design are in the above images from "A Century of Interior Design 1900-2000" by Stanley Abercrombie. This is a stunning book, I would recommend any interior design enthusiast to have in their collection! Although this isn't a complete history, It covers so much - year by year the book tells the story of interior design, furniture, architecture and all major events for designers, creators and inspirations within this most eventful century! 

Just a snippet! London's Suzanne Trocme's "Attention to Detail" - This is a wonderful book full of visual eye candy! It has a ton of inspiration and some just stunning photography by Andrew Wood!! Oh my head is reeling with the possibilities!!

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