Monday, September 29, 2008


Every time I walk up Mulberry Street, I make a point to check out this skirt in the window of Calvin Tran...yes, that stunning grey one in the middle.....I know my picture isn't so great of it, but ohhh how I would love to have this skirt!!!!!! It's perfect feminine mermaid shape...oh I would float down the streets in this beautiful piece....*sigh*

Also....of course, there is an also.... (and slightly more within my budget!) the below jacket from Anthropologie. I found it on ebay.....and I love this jacket! .. one day left - can I justify the expense??! Even if this week I have a perfect excuse for it!! And I swear I would look just adorable in this though!!!! And yes, of course, it's sizes are spot on for me!! Arg!!! 

And this season I'd like a feminine sweater dress - not your usual run of the mill kind, something lovely...or maybe just one with a cowl neck...I lovvee cowl necks! Maybe something like the one below...I have a pair of choo boots which would go perfectly with this!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Feels Like Sunday Morning.....

So this morning I was up and out early, it was a perfect quiet drizzling Fall Sunday morning. I love New York when it's so early and quiet.
I walked to a little shabby cafe on Laffayette and Spring St., which I've been to before, the food isn't the best in the world, but it's okay, but the coffee is hot and good. What I like most is that it doesn't pretend to be anything is isn't. The windows are wide open, and although usually I would sit outside (which I also like about this place), with the rain, I decided at the window was just as good today.
I sat there watching the world go by and the rain fall, drinking coffee and eating a stack of pancakes with was a wonderful start to my Sunday.
I sat there for a while, and caught up on some reading about the world as I see it. It felt good, as knowledge usually does! Exercising the brain is a wonderful thing!
After probably a few too many refills on coffee it was about time I got home and got on. Still, I've loved my morning, so much so, I think I'll make it a regular occurrence! It's probably been the best Sunday morning I've had in a long time...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Talking of Twiggy...

Talking of Twiggy, I found this photo. I think it's one of the most beautiful photos of her. Someone once told me I looked like her, or maybe it was just because of my haircut, and the little curls of hair at my ears and my long bangs... either way, I have a soft spot for her name. I can relate a lot to this photo right now, she seems to be expressing what I'm feeling... 


One of the best things about my job is that sometimes I get to vicariously live through our clients! Yesterday, I think I hit the best ever... one of our nicest clients picked out two of the white Twiggy table lamps from a design book I made her for her Park Avenue apartment. I was thrilled! I've gently pushed for the little beauties before, and I knew she'd snap them up eventually, just her cup of tea...

Ah, the Twiggy light family....designed by Marc Sadler for Foscarini. Born in France, he currently lives in Milan, Italy. Which is where a large part of his career in designing for the sports sector had taken him. For
The Twiggy lamps are made in composite lacquered material on a fiberglass base and are available in four classic Twiggy colors; red, yellow, black and white.
"It's ample, linear, essential design combined with strong flexibility characterize the formal elegance and light sophistication of Twiggy. Foscarini reinterprets these details, offering an effective concept for new uses, which preserves all the decorative expressiveness of the original floor version. The table lamp offers in scale the typical refinement of the original creation, while the ceiling model is the maximum expression of flexibility: by rotating 330 it is an optimal solution for decentralising a light source."

I think these are gorgeous, simple and elegant lights, and I'm very happy to go ahead and purchase two of them this week! Now, I wonder if she'd notice if I charged her for three....Ha!

Perfect colors, perfect shape, gorgeous curves, elegant, sophisticated, the perfect name...oh yes, they are oh-so Twiggy....

Twiggy Table Lamp...and in location...

Twiggy Floor Lamp...and in location...

Twiggy Ceiling Lamp...and in location...

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I love it when the seasons change. And I love fall. Before I can even see it, or touch it, I can smell, hear, feel and taste it in the air. A few days ago, I had my first hint of it, I adore that moment. I revel in it, embrace it...
When each season changes, it seems to be the beginning and the end of a stage in my life, which I suppose would make sense. In these few days, when the beginnings of a new season rest upon our lives, I think back to this time last year, and often too, years before that. I think back to those days with fondness, love and a good dose of perspective. I wonder too what this years season will bring me, and how I shall look back on it next year.
Little memories are sparked by the smell in the air, little things come to mind that perhaps I may have forgotten otherwise. Sometimes I look back in sadness at a time long gone, in awe that a year has already past since, and wonder where it could have gone so fast.

As I close the doors on summer, put away the sandals and long summer dresses, I look back on this year so far, all its moments and changes, how I have grown and how my life has changed.
In some strange way, there is so much comfort in a new season, knowing that time will tick on regardless if we want it to or not. A constant reassurance that no matter what, nothing ever stays the same.

And as much as I feel a sadness for what is gone, I feel a hope too. I may have mentioned this before, but the past year at least, has owned some of the biggest moments in my life to date. I have had the best, awake, aware, and honest moments, and with it, some of the saddest of my life too. 

So, it is fall. Out of the closets come light jackets, thin scarves, and perhaps a bit of cashmere. Although I have kept my window open all summer, soon it will be time to close it. Duvets will find themselves in need once again and hot cups of tea, coffee and cocoa will be enjoyed in their warmth. The evenings will get darker, streets will glow a yellow orange. People will start to sniffle in these cooler airs, tissues will find their way onto office desks with pride of place. The sun will sparkle through leaves, dancing in the breeze until they float to the ground. We'll be seeing bright orange pumpkins, and pipes will be gurgling hot water soon enough....

But for now, on the brink before the fall....I will enjoy these moments of peace, memory and perspective while the scent in the air is still fresh and new. I will sit on my windowsill and look out onto my courtyard where the trees still hold green leaves, where the sun shines, and the moon glows in clear skies..... and I will smile...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An age old question...or is it?

What is art?

I know I've been promising a post on my trip to the Metropolitan Museum for quite a while now (about three weeks?!!), but now seems like a better time than before as in light of current events it seems more appropriate...
I saw many things at the museum, in my opinion, some good, some awe inspiring, and others, well, not so good. Since my visit I have had many conversations with different people about art, the classic question (these days) 'what is art?', along with some very interesting perspectives...
One of the main things I keep hearing is that art today 'is a reflection of our times'..really? hm....interesting...
Yes, on one hand, it is I suppose... people are inspired by different things, driven by different (although these days I sometimes think, lesser) ideals. But are our lives so gloomy and lifeless as so much of this 'modern' art reflects? All I can think is that if this kind of art is so highly acclaimed as a reflection of our times, and if this idea is drilled into our minds enough, we will in turn believe it as true.

Tracy Emin's 'My Bed' 1998

So, lets take a look at Tracy Emin's 'My Bed', what some, including those who pick work for the highly acclaimed Turner Prize, consider an amazing piece of art. Yes, it's her bed. Condoms, menstrual period stains, dirty underwear, cigarette butts, empty bottles of booze, and more, and all of which to show us the days of her "suicidal depression" and "nervous breakdown" brought on by relationship difficulties.
Now, lets think about this....'a reflection of our times'.... suicidal depression? And this isn't gloomy right? I mean, with all of our advancements in technology and our improved quality of living, this kind of idea is what we are today?
I let you think on that...while I take a few steps back...

Michelangelo's Ceiling in the Sistine Chapel , 1508-1512. And his 'The Last Judgment' which spans the entire back wall behind the alter, 1535-1541.

Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. Rather entertainingly, Michelangelo resented painting this 12,000 square foot chapel ceiling between 1508 and 1512, as he believed his work only served the Pope's need for grandeur! Nevertheless, this work is still viewed as his greatest.
And so often I hear that this traditional art is 'outdated' 'of the past' and 'irrelevant in today's world'.....but hold on a second, take a look at the Sistine Chapel...see it's light? It's hope? It's love? You can see the passion in it, the calm peace and delicacy...
And yet, here we are in the 21st Century with nothing left of these things to show in our art? We've come so far and yet have we become so devoid and clueless as to what beauty is? What love and hope are?
From what I gather, most people don't believe these precious things are a 'reflection of our times' at all...what a terribly sad thought.

So, I live and work in New York City, and not a day has passed this week without a discussion on the economic crisis we are being faced with, since the fall on Wall Street, the city has been a buzz with talk of it...
And if art is truly a reflection of our times, I think we just got this idea drilled in further than we imagined. The rich, well... they stay rich. Not a surprise is it? But then I have to ask the question, is art a reflection of our times, or is it in fact, just a reflection of the times for the very, very wealthy?
Think about that.....

Well it's no shock that England, for example, will be, and is, feeling the pinch coming from downtown NY. Oh, the joys of international banking.
But this week in London, the British artist, Damien Hurst, had his two day Sotheby's auction of his last two years of work he called "Beautiful Inside My Head Forever". Not only did he do well, but he in fact broke the record of sale for one artist, the last being in 1993 for 88 works by Pablo Picasso.
So, as it seems, some still have a few spare million to drop on some formaldehyde filled animals, sheep hearts, butterfly wings, spin paintings, unicorns, doves, diamonds and cigarette butts.

Now here's my suggestion to anyone who has just found themselves in hard times, or is feeling the pinch quite harshly....and no, I can't keep my sweet sarcasm at bay here (but no offense to those who are hurting)......
Step one. Get connected. Find someone with tons of money who hasn't heard of Damien Hurst (although this may be rare) or at least someone who wouldn't know a knock off if it hit them. (hey, if some people fall for fake Louis Vuitton handbags, why not a cow or two?)

Step two. Find a cow. Preferably a white one, we have to keep a little consistency here. And preferably already dead (no need to be inhumane here). Then gather about 120 of your friends and acquaintances.

Step three. Build a tank, get some formaldehyde, and gold paint. Yes, it's not real gold, but who's going to go swimming in a tank of formaldehyde to find out anyways?

Step four. Rake in that dough. A cool $18.3 million should do it.

Top seller, "The Golden Calf" Sold for $18.3 Million. Damien's take on the Biblical story of the golden calf - a cautionary tale of worshipping false idols....yes indeed Damien...

(Step five. Smoke lots of cigarettes while you and your 120 friends do this - seems there's another $3.2 million in that) If only I'd known that earlier, I would have been saving all of mine too - instead I flick them into the street. Brings a whole new meaning to throwing money away doesn't it?

"The Abyss" Sold for $3.2 Million

Oh yea, and don't forget to ask the Angles to help....

"The Anatomy of an Angel" Estimated between $2-3 Million

And then Pigs might fly...

"Pigs Might Fly" Estimated $1.39 Million

Now Jumping back to my visit to the Metropolitan Museum for a moment, I wandered around the galleries for quite a while that day. And on turning one corner, I found myself looking at an old familiar face.
Hello Miss. Tiger Shark...How have you been? Oh, not doing so well hu?
I suppose it's not really surprising, is it? How long can you keep a shark in a tank without it showing signs of, well, decomposition?
Hedge Fund Billionaire Steven A. Cohen snapped up this little lady for a sweet $8 Million, and has now kindly lent it to the Metropolitan Museum for three years, where she will sit, in a room almost entirely by herself, by a window while New York City and Central Park spread out beyond her. Her she is, Damien Hurst's "Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living".

Female Tiger Shark in Formaldehyde, "Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living"

Of course, Damien didn't make the same mistake twice. And while this lady wasn't injected with formaldehyde, he made sure his new Tiger Shark "The Kingdom", which was in the recent Sotheby's auction, was fully pumped up with it. And yes, that sold too.

Now, having said all of this, it's not like I've spent my life sitting on my butt forming my opinions of art...I have been out there and seen it with my own eyes. I've been to Sistine Chapel in Rome and looked up at Michelangelo's ceiling, wandered through the corridors of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. Stood in Paris' Musee d'Orsay, famous for it's collection of Impressionist art, I've walked through the rooms of the Louvre and looked onto Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" and "La Primavera" (when they were there). I have been lucky enough to see some of the most famous art and architecture man has ever created.

Now my experiences have not excluded the modern. In 1997 I went to Charles Saatchi's "Sensation" exhibition, where I had my first meeting with Damien Hurst's first Tiger Shark, hence why our meeting at the Metropolitan Museum was familiar. Back then too I also saw his other works, like his pickled sheep and sliced pig.. I also saw Tracy Emin's, "Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995" which was a tent with all the names of those she's slept with sewn into the sides of it. And Marcus Harvey's depiction of child killer Myra Hindley, "Myra" a portrait made up of children's handprints, which caused huge controversy. Myra Hindley herself even wrote a letter from jail, asking for it's removal from the exhibition.
The "Sensation" exhibition was Saatchi's show of his mission in collecting art from young unknown artists, now commonly known as YBA's (Young British Artists), all noted for their 'shock tactics' and 'wild living', and most of which had attended Goldsmiths College in London. It was at the "Freeze" exhibition in 1988 where Damien Hurst and Charles Saatchi first met, Damien at the time was only in his second year at Goldsmiths.

Now I want to be careful here, I'm not claiming art is from one extreme to another. I am fully aware of all of the art in between these two ideas. And I also want to mention, I am not aiming for the eradication of all modern art, I'm not that naive. The general concept of art being 'of the times' has it's value, my point is that why are we being told that our times are full of vulgarity, filth, sex, lies, murder and death - without any of their opposites available too?
Has our hope, love, and morality become such a mute point in our lives that they simply do not exist anymore? Do we hold these things in such little value that there is no point in addressing them any further?
And if this 'art of the times' is just a reflection of the times of the rich and wealthy who purchase a pickled cow for $18 million, why must I adopt those same values as my own?

Just like Saatchi intended, works of 'shock' are now what makes the money, set by his own standards and filled pockets. So is 'shock' now a part of our everyday life? Is a long lasting emotion, dream, belief, inspiration now simply seen as outdated?
I live my life in a manner conducive to the life and future I want and intend to have. I am attracted to works such as Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus', because they reflect the values I have and apply to my own life. Grace, Femininity, Faith, Beauty, Morality, Peace, Love, Devotion...after all, isn't art supposed to be an inspiration to us all?

Well, to wrap up, over the next few posts I will be showing you, and explaining the art that I find such an inspiration, and most of all, what I believe is the art 'of my times', and perhaps should be ours too....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Too True...

"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this."

- Anonymous

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I had a busy day at work re-vamping the office (and thankfully not alone!) so with new desks and some serious reorganization, the place looks great! I went out afterwards and just got home - it was a really enjoyable night out too!! Its raining in New York today, though now it's eased off to a light drizzle, but I thought I'd post this photograph because I just love it, I think it's gorgeous, It makes rain look fun and happy... I've been waiting for the perfect moment to share it, and this is it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fine Design....

Matthew Hilton...

I know I've promised art posts recently, but I've been a little to busy to get on that yet! I will soon though I promise!! In the mean time, work has been keeping busy, and while on the search for the perfect chair, I checked out Matthew Hilton. And! I lovvveee his work, clean lines, beautiful shapes, great design, gorgeous wood, simple and yet so striking, just the way I like it.... So of course, I had to do just a quick little post and share his goodies with you!! And it gives me a nice break from work! Enjoy!

Matthew Hilton launched his own company in September 2007, and his goods are available through De La Espanda. Before this, and since 1985, he had Matthew Hilton Design Studio where he worked for the British retailer and manufacturer SCP in London's East End. Here he designed classics such as the 'Antelope Table' (below) which you might recognize.

'Antelope Table' through SCP

'Low Lounge Chair'

'Colombo Chair'

'Light Table'

'Fin Dining Chair'

'I Beam Side Table'

'Light Oval Table'

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This is a quick sketch I did tonight of a carrot. It might seem a bit strange, but to me, it's symbolizes more than just a carrot....

And I went to the Metropolitan Museum last weekend, I saw tons of artwork I loved, and some I didn't so much!! I'll be posting all about it over the next few days and probably into next week! I've also got a project at work I'll be posting in between my ramblings on art! So keep an eye out for all of that! It's going to be a fun few days of blogging!!

As for now, it's time for me to rest and reboot the batteries to get ready for it all!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ray of Light...

Without getting too detailed, or having this become a sob story, I'll just leave it with the fact that the past two weeks have been pretty awful for me. I like to think I've got a positive attitude, and during this time, I've done my best to put a brave face on everything. However, this cannot last forever....nor has it.

But tonight, in one of my lowest moments, talking on the phone in floods of tears, something very very special was said to me. Something I didn't ever expect, but at that exact moment, it couldn't have been more welcomed, loved, embraced, or needed, than at that very moment. 
Thinking about it now, brings tears to my eyes. It makes me grateful and blessed, and has given me a ray of light when I was in a field of shadow. It will be a moment I will treasure forever.

I only thought it appropriate to accompany this post with the rolling hills of England...

Monday, September 1, 2008


When Gloria Steinem said "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" she was way off.
And yes, I can give you way more than one very good reason why...

But first, I'll start with the basics. Below is what most of my labor day monday evening consisted of....Yes. A plunger. That was my weapon.

Below that, is my arch enemy.

Today I did a bit of cleaning, as I do at the end of most weekends (as I tend to make quite a mess during them), and this time it included a bathtub scrub down. Now, the drain, although acting up recently, had been regularly plunged by myself, and in need of some extra help I'll admit. But of course, I procrastinated, and now it has come to bite my in the ..ahem. yes....

So, First, I managed to break my first plunger. Had to get a new one. Got the new one. Now I have sore hands. Used nasty chemicals, which I hate doing. And after following the instructions very carefully, as to not waste ridiculously expensive drain cleaner, and hoping the "cleans drains in three seconds!" slogan would come through for me, it instead was three seconds of swift disappointment. Funny how fast you can blow money these days...(and thank you NY for being oh so expensive - where I have desensitized myself into believing plastic plungers really do cost $7)

So now, I'm rather pissed off. And if you haven't gathered by now, the bathtub is still winning.
So this is one of those moments where I can tell Gloria she's full of complete rubbish, that if I did in fact have a man around, he would have won the battle with my bathtub hours ago. He would have used his wonderful single-mindedness and got the job done, and probably with pure man power so I wouldn't have to use nasty chemicals. Like a knight in shining armor, he would have raised the plunger high above his head in victory!! And I could have spent my evening doing a million other things I wanted to do...

Instead, I have sore hands...but I think I mentioned that already. Call me a fish if you like, but right now I need a damn bicycle. Time to send an email to my landlord....ugh. I hate you bathtub.
my weapon...

my arch enemy...

Picture Perrrrrfect...

For any of you who know me, or even if you look back on my blog posts, you'll see that my lil boy Oscar is a pretty big deal to me! Well, I know many people get bored with how others go on about their pets, but I figure, If you understand how much a little animal can bring into your life and how much of a part of the family they become, well, you'll keep the complaining to a minimum!
My boy is a daily inspiration to me, he is my family. I know his every move and look in his eye, what each one means. And he knows me too, and he certainly knows when he's doing something he shouldn't! With a quick snap of my fingers, a little meow of compliant, and he stops! He even greets me when I come home! All in all, he's a total babe, and rather entertaining!
And yes, I may sound like one of those crazy cat ladies, except I'm not old enough and I'm not sure you can say that when I only have one cat! Ha!

So, anyways, I have finally built up enough courage to include him in a painting I am currently working on. It should be up here soon too. I hope I do my boy justice! I do get a bit snap happy with the pictures of him, and took these two the other week - I love how they turned out, so I thought I'd share them..

Now, if nature takes its course correctly, I should probably, and sadly, outlive him. But until that very sad moment in my life, I enjoy his company to the fullest. And all being well, he'll be with me well into my forties. My, how much of my life he will see....What also makes Oscar so special, is that he will be with me in probably the best years of my life. The last year alone has been unbelievable, and he's been at my side all the time....

Now if only I could teach him how to type, perhaps he would write my memoirs!