Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ray of Light...

Without getting too detailed, or having this become a sob story, I'll just leave it with the fact that the past two weeks have been pretty awful for me. I like to think I've got a positive attitude, and during this time, I've done my best to put a brave face on everything. However, this cannot last forever....nor has it.

But tonight, in one of my lowest moments, talking on the phone in floods of tears, something very very special was said to me. Something I didn't ever expect, but at that exact moment, it couldn't have been more welcomed, loved, embraced, or needed, than at that very moment. 
Thinking about it now, brings tears to my eyes. It makes me grateful and blessed, and has given me a ray of light when I was in a field of shadow. It will be a moment I will treasure forever.

I only thought it appropriate to accompany this post with the rolling hills of England...

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