Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fine Design....

Matthew Hilton...

I know I've promised art posts recently, but I've been a little to busy to get on that yet! I will soon though I promise!! In the mean time, work has been keeping busy, and while on the search for the perfect chair, I checked out Matthew Hilton. And oh.my.gosh! I lovvveee his work, clean lines, beautiful shapes, great design, gorgeous wood, simple and yet so striking, just the way I like it.... So of course, I had to do just a quick little post and share his goodies with you!! And it gives me a nice break from work! Enjoy!

Matthew Hilton launched his own company in September 2007, and his goods are available through De La Espanda. Before this, and since 1985, he had Matthew Hilton Design Studio where he worked for the British retailer and manufacturer SCP in London's East End. Here he designed classics such as the 'Antelope Table' (below) which you might recognize.

'Antelope Table' through SCP

'Low Lounge Chair'

'Colombo Chair'

'Light Table'

'Fin Dining Chair'

'I Beam Side Table'

'Light Oval Table'