Thursday, July 16, 2009


Some of you might hate me for saying this, but I love cowhide. Usually on my floor, but after seeing this gorgeously pale and subtle cowhide upholstered on this bed, I fell in love. Of course, with something like this, the room absolutely HAS to be carefully designed, or it'll just come off cheap and nasty.... in this room, I like the bedside table and the floor lights. I've hesitant about the floor, ceiling light and the window treatments... and definitely the bedspread!

If this were my room, I'd go gorgeously simple with Benjamin Moore's Dove White on the walls (and ceiling - flat finish), keep the bedside table and lamps, recessed lights in the ceiling, a rectangle white/off white rug (maybe something super textured), dark wood floors of course! and white white white bedding...forget that cushion too. Maybe replace it with kiwi green silk (I'm thinking Pollack fabrics) bolster cushions instead. I'd also place an old and weathered antique brown leather reading chair in the corner of the room too.

Okay enough of the daydreaming!! To check out this Palomino Bed, chick here for the link on the Design Lush Website.