Saturday, December 5, 2009

Updates and Twinkle Lights!

Dear Bloggers, Readers, and Blog World,

I offer my apologies! I have been gone far too long, and although I think I have a pretty good excuse, I have missed you so much!!
I had shamefully forgotten how much I loved posting here and sharing with all of you - return readers and new ones - all of the things that I love and get up to!

So, to recap on the past few months, and just briefly to spare you all the long drawn out story time!
My Sister moved to NYC, and has been staying with me until she gets on her own feet here, and I am happy to report she has done good job of it to! And right before Christmas - I think she got her Christmas wish! ;)
I got a new job!! Which, I have now been in since September, and I absolutely adore!!! I feel I am very lucky indeed that in this economy I was able to move from one company, right into another, and with more money! So, from an Architecture firm to a high end Interior Design firm as a project manager.. and I couldn't be happier!!
Home is pretty much the same. Same lovely apartment, with my fat boy slim cat, Oscar! He has gained a few more toys since August mind you! Thanksgiving was spend with my Sister at the Macy's Parade - I've been here over three years and that was the first time I'd seen it! And the holidays, of course, also came with the traditional trip to Las Vegas with my Dad!!!
On the romantic side of my life, my boyfriend and I broke up, I believe I had mentioned him on here before. Still, when it's not working, it's just not working.
And now we are all rolling on into Christmas!!! Which my the way - I LOVE!!!
Last night, while my roomie, and my sister was out, I had a glass of wine, sang Christmas songs and put up my own set of gorgeous twinkle lights around the breakfast bar! I hung my pretty glass ornaments from them too, and I must say, they look pretty special!! I went for the white wire twinkle lights of course - they are soo much nicer when a tree isn't involved!!
Talking of which, the tree was out of bounds due to my fat boy slim! Who I believe would have had way too much fun trying to eat the thing! This way is much more cat friendly, and still so beautifully Christmasy!!!! Oh!! It's so exciting!!

And so, to finish off my long update of goings on! I've posted below some pretty images of twinkly lights... because they're not just for Christmas, and yes, I'm trying to convince myself I can keep mine up all year round!! I love them around the bed - so beautifully pretty and rustic!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot Down, Summer In The City....

NYC has been pretty sweltering recently, and with this weeks real feel temperatures hitting 100 degrees, I'm thanking the heavens for A/C's, iced coffee's and sunglasses!

Of course, hot august nyc days always make me think of this beloved classic... ohhh yeaaa!!!!! ;)

Monday, August 17, 2009

hours and hours...

Its four o'clock.... I wish I could go home and have a nook like this one to curl up in! An oversized armchair, a cool breeze and a beautiful view from the window, my trusty laptop, a good old book and a cuppa tea.... I would be content here for hours and hours and hours and hours.....

Dark and Delicious

Talking of gorgeously delicious dark walls.... I love this living room!

Via Skona Hem

Real Estate - Connecticut!

a view in connecticut

Over the Past weekend, my Boyfriend and I escaped from this steaming city into the lush green hills and beautiful forests of Connecticut and upstate NY.
I love the rides we take together, and love going to all of these new places, seeing so many beautiful things, enjoying simple pleasures, and just relaxing.
On riding through Connecticut, somewhere I've never been before, I was in delight of the gorgeous landscapes, the green forests, and - of course - in checking out all of the houses!!!

So, without fail, I am yet again found wandering through real estate!!
And here's a little beauty for you!
Located in New Canaan, this single family, 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath, 7 room house is just heavenly! Built in 1841, this 2,675 sq ft house on 16.8 acres has a charm I'm just loving. Its contemporary farmhouse done well, and I'm in love with it's grey exterior, dark floors, wall colors, the bookshelf, the white beams, and just the entire warm feeling of this living room.
Upstairs the bedroom is cool and neutral, while I think I might invest in updating the bathroom just a bit, as well as window treatments in all the rooms. I wish I could see the kitchen though!! And if the other rooms of the house are as beautiful as the living room I can only imagine how much more I would love this property!
For the full listing, click here!!!

beautiful brick!

I love exposed brick.. it's just gorgeous. And who needs a headboard when you have brickwork like the above pic?!
I especially like it when it's white. So fresh, so textured, so lovely....
Also - check out the grey wall (I love grey!) or the amazing huge flower/plant mural on white brick for a different twist!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Some of you might hate me for saying this, but I love cowhide. Usually on my floor, but after seeing this gorgeously pale and subtle cowhide upholstered on this bed, I fell in love. Of course, with something like this, the room absolutely HAS to be carefully designed, or it'll just come off cheap and nasty.... in this room, I like the bedside table and the floor lights. I've hesitant about the floor, ceiling light and the window treatments... and definitely the bedspread!

If this were my room, I'd go gorgeously simple with Benjamin Moore's Dove White on the walls (and ceiling - flat finish), keep the bedside table and lamps, recessed lights in the ceiling, a rectangle white/off white rug (maybe something super textured), dark wood floors of course! and white white white bedding...forget that cushion too. Maybe replace it with kiwi green silk (I'm thinking Pollack fabrics) bolster cushions instead. I'd also place an old and weathered antique brown leather reading chair in the corner of the room too.

Okay enough of the daydreaming!! To check out this Palomino Bed, chick here for the link on the Design Lush Website.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cool Classic White Living... Real Estate!

I know, I have been completely awful in updating my blog for too many weeks now... But! I do have a reaaally good excuse... i just can't tell you what it is yet... sorry :( But I will when I can!!! ;)

Okay... soo! Of course, real estate... I've been keeping this beauty to show you for a while now too! (seeee... I have been thinking about posting!!)
This absolute beauty is on the Upper West Side in NYC, right on Central Park. This building landed twice in the top ten best co-ops in the city!

This 2,000 sq.ft. pre-war co-op apartment with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, also boasts 66 foot landscaped (and oh so gorgeous) sun filled terrace which stretches the entire length of the apartment just flooding in sunlight.
This apartment is completely renovated, and really nicely done too! I am loving the white white white, it accentuates the architectural features just beautifully!!

And the interior design nerd in me can spot and name all the plumbing fixtures, recognize the furniture and appliances!! Haha! ;)

Now, how much would I love to be relaxing on that terrace right now, gazing over Central Park? Yesss pleaassee..... just need to find that cool $4 million... ahem....

Monday, June 8, 2009

New York Real Estate!

It seems I'm on a real estate hunt these days! And also on that note, I realized I have done very little hunting in this city! So off I went to find a little nook of NY that I wouldn't mind calling my own!
Of course then (like I always do) I imagine how I would redecorate it! This time, I searched my seemingly millions of images for what I thought would be just the right fit for this property... which was wayyy too much fun!!!

And so, above is the apartment, located in Greenwich Village on Jane street (a gorgeous tree lined street!) between West 4th and Hudson St. I love the WOOD BURNING fireplace! The wood floors, the layout and the gorgeous little kitchen oozing potential! This one bedroom apartment has a ton of exposed brickwork, 10 foot ceilings, as well as a southern exposure (so there will be sunlight coming in all throughout the day!). For the full listing, click here!

I would of course, keep all the features I love, but brighten it up with whites, light creams, earth tones, and add splashes of deep blues and grey tones! The kitchen, although recently renovated, I would brighten from top to bottom with cool blue paint on the cabinets, open shelving, but treasure the already existing farmhouse sink!
The bedroom need a redecoration overhaul with a dose a character, and the navy blue striped headboard below does the trick perfectly. By making it a plush, clean and cosy room, without making it feel small, it's miles better then the odd and cold layout it currently has.
Although I don't know what the current bathroom looks like, I'm thinking a navy accent wall, vintage tiles, crisp and sparkling in this small space with what unfortunately looks like no window...
In the living room, I want the walls and fireplace to hold their own, and not be cluttered by too many patterns which could end up making the space look small and messy. Instead textures and neutral tones will lead the way! A deep cosy white sofa, a leather armchair, a textured rug, baskets, cushions and repainting the fireplace mantle white should do the trick perfectly!

All pulled together to turn into a gorgeous NYC sanctuary, to relax, to enjoy, it's fresh and inviting...