Monday, August 17, 2009

Real Estate - Connecticut!

a view in connecticut

Over the Past weekend, my Boyfriend and I escaped from this steaming city into the lush green hills and beautiful forests of Connecticut and upstate NY.
I love the rides we take together, and love going to all of these new places, seeing so many beautiful things, enjoying simple pleasures, and just relaxing.
On riding through Connecticut, somewhere I've never been before, I was in delight of the gorgeous landscapes, the green forests, and - of course - in checking out all of the houses!!!

So, without fail, I am yet again found wandering through real estate!!
And here's a little beauty for you!
Located in New Canaan, this single family, 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath, 7 room house is just heavenly! Built in 1841, this 2,675 sq ft house on 16.8 acres has a charm I'm just loving. Its contemporary farmhouse done well, and I'm in love with it's grey exterior, dark floors, wall colors, the bookshelf, the white beams, and just the entire warm feeling of this living room.
Upstairs the bedroom is cool and neutral, while I think I might invest in updating the bathroom just a bit, as well as window treatments in all the rooms. I wish I could see the kitchen though!! And if the other rooms of the house are as beautiful as the living room I can only imagine how much more I would love this property!
For the full listing, click here!!!

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