Monday, September 29, 2008


Every time I walk up Mulberry Street, I make a point to check out this skirt in the window of Calvin Tran...yes, that stunning grey one in the middle.....I know my picture isn't so great of it, but ohhh how I would love to have this skirt!!!!!! It's perfect feminine mermaid shape...oh I would float down the streets in this beautiful piece....*sigh*

Also....of course, there is an also.... (and slightly more within my budget!) the below jacket from Anthropologie. I found it on ebay.....and I love this jacket! .. one day left - can I justify the expense??! Even if this week I have a perfect excuse for it!! And I swear I would look just adorable in this though!!!! And yes, of course, it's sizes are spot on for me!! Arg!!! 

And this season I'd like a feminine sweater dress - not your usual run of the mill kind, something lovely...or maybe just one with a cowl neck...I lovvee cowl necks! Maybe something like the one below...I have a pair of choo boots which would go perfectly with this!!

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