Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's the last hour of my Birthday, 11:11 - make a wish as Tom says!
I have just had the best birthday since I turned 23, and it couldn't have been more perfect!!
Waking up with texts from friends in England, cupcakes and coffee when I got to work, smiles, best wishes, a bouquet of red roses!! Hugs, cards, more texts, so many phone calls! And so much laughing! You couldn't wipe the smile off my face all day!!
Dinner tonight in a restaurant I've walked past and wanted to eat in for so long now, with some of the best friends a girl could ever dream of!! (Thank you!!!!)

I never expected this birthday to be as wonderful as it has, and I am so very thankful to each and every person who made it, in their own special way, as perfect as it has been. I really am a very lucky lady indeed....

Well, as the clock ticks on, and my day wraps up, my heart is full and I am smiling....I really couldn't be happier even if I tried....

Oscar is on my lap, he hardly ever sits here....maybe he's getting jealous!
Yes, my boy... of course, you made it perfect too!!!

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