Monday, October 13, 2008

Perfect Pink!!

a pink my front door!

Do you ever hear a song, that you haven't heard in a while, and then you can't get it out of your head? In fact, you keep humming it, keep replaying it, and turn it wayyy up while you dance around your apartment and sing your heart out?! Yes, yes, thats me! Its one of those lovely little things that we do when no one else is looking! 

So this weekend I've certainly had one of those moments - and yes, occasionally on repeat! Oscar is hilarious when I, how shall I put it..."rock out"!! Haha!! He goes nuts too, jumping all around the apartment, playing with all of his toys at once! He is particularly fond of Guns n Roses!! However, this time it's Aerosmith, and their song "Pink", which I have found I completely adore! The video is a little odd, but I love the lyrics, and I've posted the youtube link below for your listening pleasure!

The funny thing is, on Saturday, when I was walking into my apartment building, what should I find right in front of the door? Strangely enough...a bright pink crayon!!! I couldn't believe it! (you have to listen to the song lyrics!) Of course, I had to pick it up, and I took a photo of it (above) on my most beloved oyster shell side table.

I always find it so funny when things like that happen...

So here I have not only posted Aerosmith, but also a ton of images, photography and interiors, all of which are gloriously pink! I enjoyed picking them out (while listening to the song of course!) so I hope you enjoy them too!
Pink isn't just for Barbie, or what some people call 'girly girls' but truly, it is a gorgeously feminine color, and can be so classy, stunning and so perfectly beautiful. I love it!!


chair by

house beautiful

antique pink glass

tulip farm!

vroom vroom!!

I just adore this sofa! and love the wall treatment too!

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