Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day Job....

You know, sometimes I have days where I just love my job. Thankfully they are more often than not! And every time I think of that, I'm grateful that I am so happy with it, it seems all too many people just aren't that happy in what they do. I actually don't mind waking up in the mornings for work, I would even stretch to say I enjoy it sometimes! I love that I meet so many interesting and nice people through it, and also in our (huge!!) building in Chelsea, I like that it's full of all sorts of people with all sorts of different stories to tell.
So, Today has definitely been one of those days, where everything runs smoothly, everyone on the phone is a joy to talk to, everyone in the office is in high spirits with laughter and chit chat. Everyone is working hard, everyone is busy, and there is something so satisfying about that.

But, I haven't been very good recently. I've let my painting slide a little, and so I certainly haven't been doing it as much as I should have. This weekend I'm planning an all out creative feast! I've got lots of little things planned, and so I'm looking forward to making the most of every minute of it! Hopefully by the end of it I'll have something to show for it too!!

Sometimes though, my mind does wander onto doing different things. All creative of course! I'm not sure I would live much more than a week doing something uncreative!! I am often inspired by so many things I see, things I would like to try, twists on my paintings I could play with. Ideas flow, and I can't help but spend my every other waking moment absorbing all there is to see, that I overload on it! Right now, I have an addiction to flickr, where the wealth of ideas are plentiful, and the possibilities are endless!

But one thing I would love to do again is photography. I loved this in school, I would work my lunchtimes away in the darkroom, I would snap snap away with my Mother's old manual camera, seeing the world through a lens and capturing it at that second forever.
I loved the weight of the camera in my hands, feeling the film click over inside, and then the smell of the darkroom, feeling around in the dark to load the film onto the spool, and then the gentle shuffle as you reel it on....
Funny, I've wanted to get back into taking my own photography for so long now, I wonder what has been stopping me. Perhaps one day, when I live in a big house with my family, I'll have my own little makeshift darkroom!! Until then, the shops can process them...or maybe I'll find a class in NY where I can use and abuse their darkrooms!!

The thing is, there's just one thing missing......Mum? Could you send me your gorgeous old camera pleeease??!!!

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