Sunday, October 12, 2008

To the West!

As you may have noticed, I do like to do a bit of real estate searching! But today, I decided to do it a little closer to home - NYC! Like most who live here, New York is a love hate relationship, especially when it comes to apartment/home hunting! It's a dog eat dog world...ahem, city! Move fast, or your perfect deal will be someone else's cozy abode!

My first apartment here was a studio, on 8th Street and 6th Avenue, rent stabilized, bright, big windows, located at the back of the building (so nice and quiet!), a separate kitchen, a fireplace (beautiful but didn't work as one!) and a fire escape which I could get out onto through the kitchen window. Also the apartment below extended out further than mine, so I essentially had a deck too, even though it wasn't finished like one! I was there for a year and a half before it was time for me to move again. But like most places the memories are a mix of good and bad, It was the first place I had ever lived alone, It was the home I went to during my first NY experiences, In 2006 I proudly cooked Christmas dinner in it for my Family who flew over from England! And it was the home to which Oscar, as a little kitten with his big paws, (c)attitude and all, came to be with me!
Still, my apartment now I just adore! And somehow I've always been pretty lucky with landlords etc, ups and downs of course, but nowhere near as bad as some of the horror stories I've heard! Thankfully!!!

But while I was signing the papers for my studio those few years ago, I watched the keys leave the office four times with other brokers in the company, ready to show off my hopefully new home to other home hunters - and as a nyc apartment newbie, well, you might be able to understand my stress!! My broker, was and is, wonderful! He helped me out in so many ways, and now tells me how funny I looked so panicked over the process and the keys! Of course, now I can laugh with him on looking back, but at the time!! Well! It was not fun!! 
I guess my advice to anyone about to rent in nyc, if you like it, get it. If you wait, someone else will. On the bright side though, the apartment turn over is so high, that you're bound to find something else quickly enough. I got my apartment in the first four days of being in the city!

One of the great things about NYC is that in each area there's always a different feel. And after being here a while and experiencing them all, you get a feel of what suits and appeals to you the most. I love where I am now, but I've always liked the look and idea of the tree lined streets of the West Village, with it's old brick buildings, tiled entryways and big stoops.

But one thing that turns me off the area are it's tiny apartments!! The West Village is notorious for it's small spaces, where if you see the words "cute" or "cosy" advertised, well - think "tiny" instead and you'd be onto something.... Having said all of that, with the age of most of the buildings it makes up for it with pure charm! You can stumble upon some gorgeous little havens... and it's also a hot spot for the rent stabilized if you're lucky enough to catch one... Once the turn over of the tenants allows the landlord to hit you up for $2000 a month, then it's a free for all on how much he can increase it thereafter. Hence the rarity of them, and also how some people in the Village still only have to pay $300 a month (How nice that would be!!), they were smart and stayed put...clearly for a long time now!!

So, first off, I would like to introduce a rent stabilized little gem! Through the joys of craigslist! Here is a classic little West Village apartment, except this one is extra special because the kitchen and the bathroom have been recently renovated and are brand new... This darling is a total deal for the price ($1695) and location. If I was looking, well, I'd be on this one before you could say "mine"! There is just one little catch..... please take note of the floor plan and it's dimensions below. If you think "bed" and then "closet" well, you'll see my point. Still, there is such a thing as a sofa bed right?! Nonetheless, a West Village renters dream it is, and I'd put money on this darling only being on the market for about half a day tops... but in case I'm wrong - here's the craiglist link!

And now.... to buy, or not to buy?... That's the question!
In reality, this stunning and amazing little West Village home is out of my pocket and running down the street, but definitely much more to my liking!!! (of course!!!!!)
On the market for a cool few million, you can see why...  Its bigger, brighter, it has a totally charming spiral staircase, and a gorgeous patio and a I'm-so-jealous-of-you outdoor space!!! This is two floors of a beautifully finished stylish Village treasure, with not one, but two fireplaces! And with a super rarity - that is, in the renting world!! - windows in the front and back! I just love it! Here's the real estate listing link, so you can drool over it yourself!!

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tracey said...

I love seeing pictures of real life homes - not just homes that have just been decorated by an interior decorator and then have been styled specifically for a photo shoot. This home is gorgeous!Thanks for sharing.