Monday, October 6, 2008

Late 1700's Farmhouse, Vermont

So today, while at work, I happened across a gorgeous picture of a house. I found out it was in New England, which of course only lead me into doing some real estate searching!!

I then found this gorgeous white late 1700's Farmhouse, nestled in gorgeous thick white snow, in Mount Holly, Vermont.
New renovations over the past few years have given this home new wiring, plumbing, windows and among other things, slate countertops in the kitchen! And although it's sitting on 11+ acres, a further 49 are available at extra cost.

I think it looks adorable in the snow, so I can only imagine how beautiful it must look in the Fall with the trees changing color...or the spring when it all comes to life again!

I love the old wood burner, the original beams, the farmhouse kitchen (although I would do my own few alterations to it!) and the amount of light that floods through the windows...It looks cosy, yet not dark! I would love to get my hands on this place and make it look like heaven!
Now although I think I spy a little porch at the front door, all it needs is just one more overlooking the hills, then it would have my heart!!!

Well, the interior pics below didn't show as big or well as I would have liked, so here's the link to this old and gorgeous house!! Here!!!

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