Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sniff Sniff Sunday...

Well, plans this weekend seemed to go a bit a.w.o.b. (away without blogging).
Sadly, I spent most of my time trying to recover and survive through a bloomin' nasty cold. It seems someone decided to test my now one year older immune system....thanks...

As much as I love the Fall, I do dislike being sick! And when I'm sick, my body has an unfortunate habit of waking me up every night at 5am. Of course, the city is so quiet then, and hardly any noise wanders through my window...last night it was just the sound of the rain, hitting the leaves on the trees. There was something so peaceful about it....I dropped back off to sleep after a while.

Today, I still went out for breakfast. "Feed a cold, Starve a fever" and all that good stuff...Same cafe, same kind of reading....just a few less coffee's and French Toast instead of pancakes! The french toast isn't the best I've ever had (that would have to top homemade - impossible!) but it was better than the pancakes... duly noted for next Sunday.

Probably by tomorrow I'll feel lots better - just in time for a new work Ha!
In the mean time, I'll do what any Brit would do in my position....put the kettle on -it's time for another cup of tea!!!

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