Friday, October 17, 2008

I Want This Runway In My Closet!!!

Marianne Dress (to diiieeee for!!!!)

If any of you out there have been keeping tabs on Bravo's Project Runway, then you'll know who won it! Leanne was my favorite!!!! I'm so happy for her!! And although I wasn't one for watching the show religiously, or even from the beginning, but I will admit to catching the last few! (the night of the finale consisted of a run for dumplings for dinner on the sofa with my roommate Kim in preparation!!)
Today, I came upon her Itsy shop, Leanimal!! Only to find that I was kicking myself in not finding it earlier and snapping up some of the most gorgeous clothes I have ever seen!!!!! I cannot wait to see what she has next! Everything in her shop is totally sold out (not shocking!!) but I will be keeping my ears to the ground as to when new goodies are created and for sale!! No doubt, they will fly out in seconds flat!
So here I have posted some of my absolute favorites!!! I could have just kept adding more and more and more of her clothes, like the Custom Maxine dress, the Eva dress, the Veronica Dress, the Josefina dress, the Mylena dress..and on!!!! BUT!! I just adddooorrreee the Marianne dress above, and I swear I would pay any amount of money to have this in my wardrobe!!!! Please Leanne, could you make another for me?!!! Pleaassee???!!

Ashley Tunic..beautiful!!

Adeline Dress..classic sharp white!

Max Dress..oh my heavens above - I lovveee this dress!!

Monica Jacket...this is a gorgeous beauty!

Helena Dress...I just love the detail in this!

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