Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Once Upon A Stumble!

If I'm lucky, and work isn't ridiculously busy first thing in the morning, I take the time to ease into the usually hectic rest of the day by checking out my favorite blogs and doing searches into finding out what's out there in the world of design, art, photography, or anything else creative which sparks an interest. With a hot coffee in hand, and my probably very unhealthy apple turnover for breakfast, I enjoy this part of the day very much!

Today, I stumbled across a blog which I really enjoyed looking at, Ashley L's, Decor Amor. I love her floral, feminine, vintage and colorful sense of style! Her photography is amazing too, check out her Flickr site here too! It's highly decorative and beautiful, a feast for the eyes!

So with Ashley in mind, and inspired, I indulged a little on my love for china teacups through the wonders of Flickr! One day I will have my open (dream!) kitchen shelves stacked high with all of my hand picked china!!! 

Now, for a little twist on where you'd usually find your, made from thrift store found cups turned upside-down and with a little light bulb, I give you, the Ted Lights by Domestic Construction! This company was created by two women, Trish and Maureen, with one's obsession with objects and the others love for fashion, they have combined to create an inventive, playful and distinctive style. 

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Ashley L. said...

i am honored! your blog is also quite a wonderful treat! i will come back more often :(