Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sometimes I hate these darn electronic things that everyone's life seems to revolve around.
People are too busy staring at their little gadgets with their new "convenient" applications, that they forget to look at the world around them, or even the people.
And now we live in a world where IMing, texting, emailing, and a zillion phone calls to the person you just saw two minutes ago, has become a normal and common place occurrence. In a world where the English language is now suffering, where people find it harder to converse with a person standing right in front of them, where all too many relationships are born through a simple text message, and all too many are broken through it too. But can we really love or know anyone through such a contact? Where people now hide behind their 'safe' little gadgets, telling the reader what they want to hear, while perhaps the truth is hidden? And all we are left to trust are little black and white words which can so easily be misinterpreted?

So I ask, in having this wondrous "convenience" what are we giving up in return for it? Aren't we loosing the joy in human contact and conversation? How to enjoy another person without the confusion of an electronic device?!

Now, I am fully aware of the joys of such a thing also - most of my family lives in England, along with many of my friends, so where would I be without my cell or email? How could I tell my family and friends I miss or love them the instant I think it?
I think somewhere around here we've also forgotten the joys of snail mail - which by the way I adore! But perhaps I too, have become too involved in the instant gratification of texting, email and phone calls.

Perhaps I should pull out a pen and paper more often anyways. After all, who doesn't love a beautifully handwritten and personalized letter?

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