Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I am in love with Brooke Giannetti's Interior Design!! Her interiors incorporate her love of antiques, beautiful fabrics, and classic design infused with a bit of whimsy. She has amazing attention to detail and sense of style. In her projects, her desire is to touch the emotions, which she does oh-so very well!
She also has the blog Velvet & Linen. Frequently she collaborates on architectural projects with her husband Steve Giannetti, to provide their clients with the full scope of architectural, interior design and landscape services. Together they have created Detailio to help their clients with the design process.

My absolute favorite design of Brooke's must be her Oxnard Interiors. I just love this clean, warm, cosy and fresh white white white!! I could move into this house immediately and be in heaven! I adore the antiques, flea market finds, little details, color palette, natural wood, touches of luxury, wood burning fire, natural light and the warm glow of lamps...I just love it all!

From the talented lady herself, "Our goal on this project was to crate a home that would evoke the calming emotional response. We created a neutral background by painting all of the wood white and plastering over the dated lava rock fireplace. We kept the rest of the color palette neutral, using creams and light greys and a few blue accents. Then we filled the house with things that created the same calming emotional feeling for us: old French shutters, a great baroque Italian artifact over the bed, vintage wicker, Swedish and English bamboo furniture. All were a little worn and faded with age, most of the items were purchased at local flea markets and antique shops."

Well, I do have an extreme soft spot for antique and flea market finds! And I love how this interior isn't pretentious or immaculate, the worn, loved, and warm feeling melts my heart. I love the air of femininity to it too, but it's not so strong that a family wouldn't be happy here too!

So, I think I've gushed over this enough....when can I move in?!

This living room (and the top & below image) is my absolute favorite room, without a doubt, I love everything about this!! It's classic and fresh, elegant and cosy...it's a dream come true!!

An antique Swedish Table with a French chair.

The breakfast room...yes, I can definitely see myself enjoying a coffee or two here!

The perfect kitchen breakfast bar. I love these stools, and I am such a sucker for old antique kitchen tins, scales, bowls etc.!

Yes, the perfect kitchen! I love the open cupboard doors, and I can just see myself making fresh pastry in this kitchen! Oh! Heaven!!

Light and bright dining!

A beautiful chaise for the bedroom (one day I'll have one of these!! I swear!)

And last but not least! Although this is the 'dressing area' it inspired me as a study, or more to the point, my painting room!! It's bright and clean, perfect to paint in, blog in, and for all of my inspirations to run wild!! (I swear one day I'll have a room like this too!!)


Tricia said...

Hi Lauren,

I love the photos you posted (especially the one with the Swedish table)...so lovely and calm. You may enjoy visiting my website (www.avolli.com) where we feature Swedish antiques. Also, please join my mailing list and recieve the monthly newsletter that features inspirational articles relating to interior design. Best, Tricia
P.S. Great Blog!!

velvet and linen said...

Hi Lauren.

Thank you for featuring my work on your blog!
I've really enjoyed looking at your blog.
I look forward to coming back and seeing what else you write about.


Lauren V. Hunter said...

Thank you Tricia and Velvet & Linen for your comments and for visiting my blog!

Tricia - I would love to be part of your mailing list! I will be browsing your site often I'm sure! You have some beautiful things!

Velvet and Linen - I love your work, but I think you might know that! I look forward to your returning visits!

Thank you both again!!