Monday, October 6, 2008

Quick Birthday Update!!

Okay, a little birthday update! I know, I know, it was almost a week ago - but I've been sick with a cold! And anyways, it was a great birthday!

Above is a pic from dinner at Barmarche on Spring Street, so from left to right - Kim, Me!, Tom and Kara... this is post food, pre coffee!! :) Dinner was tasty - I had the Duck! Also - the bacon wrapped dates with cheese was to dieeee for!! I highly recommend them!!

It really was a great day..... below are some more pics of my I've-been-spoilt-rotten-birthday!!

Ahh.... What's a Birthday without cake?! And you can't beat cupcakes from Billy's Bakery! (yes-even in nyc, so less of the debate okay?!) Thank you Tom!!!

Roses by any other name.... Ohh how I love roses!!! (and still taking pride of place and smelling gorgeous on my desk!!!)

A Birthday wouldn't be a Birthday without snail mail in the from of a card or two! A few of these from across the pond! x

One of my secret and perhaps odd loves - the worn, the well travelled, the handwritten, the trusty and true envelope...I keep these as safe as the cards themselves!

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