Monday, September 1, 2008

Picture Perrrrrfect...

For any of you who know me, or even if you look back on my blog posts, you'll see that my lil boy Oscar is a pretty big deal to me! Well, I know many people get bored with how others go on about their pets, but I figure, If you understand how much a little animal can bring into your life and how much of a part of the family they become, well, you'll keep the complaining to a minimum!
My boy is a daily inspiration to me, he is my family. I know his every move and look in his eye, what each one means. And he knows me too, and he certainly knows when he's doing something he shouldn't! With a quick snap of my fingers, a little meow of compliant, and he stops! He even greets me when I come home! All in all, he's a total babe, and rather entertaining!
And yes, I may sound like one of those crazy cat ladies, except I'm not old enough and I'm not sure you can say that when I only have one cat! Ha!

So, anyways, I have finally built up enough courage to include him in a painting I am currently working on. It should be up here soon too. I hope I do my boy justice! I do get a bit snap happy with the pictures of him, and took these two the other week - I love how they turned out, so I thought I'd share them..

Now, if nature takes its course correctly, I should probably, and sadly, outlive him. But until that very sad moment in my life, I enjoy his company to the fullest. And all being well, he'll be with me well into my forties. My, how much of my life he will see....What also makes Oscar so special, is that he will be with me in probably the best years of my life. The last year alone has been unbelievable, and he's been at my side all the time....

Now if only I could teach him how to type, perhaps he would write my memoirs!

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