Sunday, May 18, 2008

Three ICFF Favorites!!!

Oh the ICFF! Well, it was great wandering around and seeing so many, and such wonderful designs! It was a feast for my eyes!! Well, Im exhausted now, so I'm only going to show you a few of my favorites for now - so more later!!

Project 2 - absolutely one of my favorites there!! So bright and bold, a great use of color and design! A company dedicated to making the functional into a piece of art - mixing playful with the sophisticated. My favorite is the stripy chair and table, loovve the colors, and although it may be a little tough to sit on (just needs one of those gorgeous silk cushions!!) it just looks great!! Check out the website for more designs and info - here! Loove it!!

Elira Vroomen from the Netherlands, selling her amazing thick felt printed bags - I cannot tell you how much I love these - I could totally have one in every color!! She was selling them here for $45 - $110. Check out the website - here!

Noodle - now you knew I was on the look out for this booth - and oh! Once again, it all looks more amazing in real life!! Run by award winning British designer Sally Hudson, her designs are organic and refreshing - bringing the outside, inside! Perfect for every time of year!! Now - time to place my order....! Check out the website - here!!

Now its time to put my feet up with a proper British cuppa, its been a busy weekend!!

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Clever Elsie said...

I want to meditate surrounded in the Noodle decor. :)