Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas '08!

My Dad!

And Rufus!

Okay, here's my Christmas post, as promised! 
I went to Michigan this year to spend the holiday's with my Dad. He's got a dog called Rufus, a black Lab and German Shepherd mix. I remember the day we picked him up (three and a half years ago now!!) - cute little thing he was too, and he's still just as soppy now! It was a lot of fun going back to see them both, and I had a great Christmas! For the first few days I was there, and for most of my visit, it snowed A LOT, which I LOVED!!!!
Below are some snowy pictures - Dad shoveling the driveway for the tenth time, and yes I did help too!! Rufus, bounding around in the snow in the backyard!...

Dad and SNOW!

SNOW! And can you see Rufus back there?!

Before my arrival, Dad invited friends over for a little Christmas party on the Tuesday as I was back, which was a lot of fun getting ready for and the evening itself was very enjoyable!
I got to talk to Dad's friends Bruce and Larry about some similar interests and our views on the world - it was a relief to talk to some like minded people! Conversation flowed effortlessly, people were enjoying themselves, everyone was relaxed with smiles. Larry's Girlfriend Jane was amazing on the piano, and played for us all.. it was beautiful!
Above is a picture of Dad as we were preparing all of the goodies to eat, Rufus of course hanging around for any scraps! Below is the set table - although this doesn't show all of our creations and this photo doesn't do it justice! Dad and I spent the night before deciding which cracker should go with what topping - and how much topping was needed - there's nothing like some taste testing!!!

Since I was last in Michigan, which was two years ago, Dad had gotten himself a Piano. He'd talked about doing it for so long, and while I was living there too, so last year when he told me he had finally purchased I was thrilled!! 
There wasn't a day that passed where Dad didn't have a seat and practice, and it was so good to lean back and listen to, I throughly enjoyed it! He's getting pretty good too!!
So, above and below are some photo's of Dad on the Piano!

When I arrived at Dad's I was totally thrilled to find he'd gotten a Christmas tree and decorated it ready for the holidays!! It looked great - twinkle lights and all!
While I was there, he brought out the snowman I had made at school so very many years ago, I must have been under 8 years old or younger! Dad and I thought he looked rather dashing sitting under the Christmas Tree! And three silver painted pine cones, which I also remember from my childhood, to keep him company!

Mr. Snowman and Silver Pine Cones!

Ready for a game!

Christmas day soon arrived, I realized the last time I had been in that house for Christmas was when I was 8 years old!! It was a lovely relaxing day too, Dad and I made our Christmas dinner of Chicken, roast potatoes and parsnips, broccoli, stuffing, brussel sprouts, and cranberry jelly - Yum! 
With full stomachs and a food coma on the way we relaxed in the heat of the wood fire, and a little later played a game of chess! And even if Dad did win - I like to think I gave him a run for his money!!

Dad's picture of me by the fire!

When I remember the neighborhood from my childhood, there weren't so many big houses at the end of the road between school and my own home, but over the years these developments popped up and around. Some fetching a million dollars or more, which surprises me.. cookie cutter houses with a massive square footage...
One of these houses near Dad's never fails to impress on the Christmas cheer! And although it's not a million dollar abode - I'm sure their electricity bill gets pricey!!!! Ha!! It is great to see though, and right at the end a road, you can't miss it!! Merry, Merry Christmas!!

It was a great holiday, and with lots of laughs - including one or two when we took Rufus on a walk in the snow, with it still coming down on top of us! Dad and I got thigh deep in the stuff!! Rufus had to jump out of it just to fall right back in! Time to turn back to home! Soon we were covered in snow - or at least I was after Dad pushed me into too!! 
Oh! Lots of fond memories!!

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