Thursday, January 8, 2009

Almost Too Good To Walk On!

'Aubusson 614' by The Rug Company

Today at work I had to find a few rugs for a client - unfortunately for me, they wanted something muted and hard wearing, like Sisal or some along those lines... My mind however (and seemingly, my mouse) wandered onto other much more interesting rugs!
I love The Rug Company (who doesn't?!) and so of course, I had to pull my favorites, and post them here! With collections designed by fashion icons, interior designers, and other such famous names, my eyes were having a candy feast!
If you've got time to spare, I suggest you go for a wander around their website and look at the 'Roomsets & Inspiration'... most of all - I LOVE the photography!!! Somehow they make even a somewhat unappealing rug look completely desirable!

     'Patchity' by The Rug Company 'Passionflower' by Paul Smith

      'Funky Zebra' by Diane Von Furstenburg   'Cowhide Flower White' by The Rug Company

 'Bishops Cape' by Diane Von Furstenberg     'VW Flag' by Vivienne Westwood

    'Candy Flower' by Marni 'Mums and Asters' by Kim Parker

 'Magnolia Black' by Vivienne Westwood 'Margherita' by Marni

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