Saturday, January 3, 2009

Click Click!

This is kinda what it looks like - just imagine older and totally manual!

One little Christmas wish came true today... something I posted about here.
My Mum didn't want to send over her old camera in a box for fear of it breaking... I guess, she had a point. Unfortunately however, one of my flaws is how impatient I can be, even if I'm up against something that makes total sense!

But my Mum found a way to get it to me sooner than I had thought, i.e., before I flew over myself to get it!
My Mum is a Pilates instructor, and has many clients across the South West of England as well as in areas closer to London. She travels around to see them, and holds classes in town halls and studios. She has built herself a pretty good client base, and loves what she does.
My Mum has always been a bit of a fitness addict! I remember the days with her and Jazzercise!

So, one of my Mum's clients, Sally, who was coming to NYC for a holiday, had brought this old camera over with her for me! I was so happy to hear of this! Today I met up with my her at their hotel early this morning, as to not put them out of their way. Sally was very sweet, as was her daughter, and I offered them any NYC advice and recommendations that they requested, as well as a few they didn't! What can I say? I want them to have a great time!!

Anyways, as I was up so early on a saturday, I decided to revel in it for a while, and take it easy. On my way home, I picked up camera film (although it did cross my mind that nowhere would sell it anymore - everything is so digital these days..) and some batteries, ready to make the most of my beloved camera.
Almost home, I stopped by a beautiful little coffee shop just around the corner from my apartment building. I've grown quite a fondness to the little place, with it's gold metal countertops, comfy seating, dim lighting, and it's peace and quiet... they make a great latte too!
I had a breakfast croissant, a hot coffee and pulled out my book (Persuasion by Jane Austen- which I am throughly enjoying), to curl up and relax in this most pleasant Saturday morning.

So now with my beautiful old-school, completely manual camera in my hands once again (and my how good it feels!) I'm good to go! So jumping on one of my promises for this year - The plan is to wake up early and take a walk of the city, letting my creativity rule the way! We'll see what my camera can find!

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