Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Double, Double Toile and Trouble!!

Nancy Prator's 'Paris Embroidered Bird'

This morning, while visiting my usual blogs over a hot coffee, I managed to find myself cruising Etsy - Which always seems to a gold mine of inspiration and creativity!

It's here I came across Nancy Prator, who's 'Paris Embroidered Bird' caught my attention immediately. Made from about 100 miniature photocopied maps of Paris, and then ran through a large printing press. She then preceded to draw on the bird and branch, then finishing by hand-embroidering them both. The detail is impressive!

I love this piece, and with it I was hit with so much inspiration!!
After my fun with making the Christmas Stockings for my family, one might think I'd be sick of a needle and thread! But nope, old enthusiasm was ignited and now I think I'm hooked!

'Paris Embroidered Bird' In Detail

Domino Magazine Toile Article, Dec/Jan '09

As I thought about this idea further, I was reminded of a piece of work by Richard as it was featured on his blog spot, Historically Inaccurate, which I had stumbled upon a while back.
Funnily enough, the above article from Domino Magazine featuring Toile and it's come back only fueled my ideas even further!

Richard had featured two Knoll Tulip Chair seat cushions, which he had spent three months embroidering last summer. Adding bright color and a few little, and subtle, humoring twists to a simple piece of toile made these seat cushions something quite special! The detail in the stitching here too, is also very impressive!

Richard's Embroidery, In Detail

One of Richard's Embroidered Cushions

Below are my two favorite images from the Domino Toile Gallery, I must say... I do like a bit of this toile myself, in fabric and wallpaper!

Now....where's my needle and thread?!

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