Monday, January 12, 2009

Lean Creations!

*Lock Ness* 40cm x 40cm

I am surprised at myself for not making the post much earlier!! Shame on me...

My very good friend Sarah (You may remember me yelling out a 'Happy Birthday!' a couple of posts ago to her!), with whom I met while living in Bristol, and who was also studying the same Fine Art Degree as myself, has become one of my most favorite artists ever! And no, I'm not biased - look at them for yourself!!!

Anyways, I have watched her art progress over the past few years, via her website... and I must say, I am totally IN LOVE with her new works, she's stepped it up a gear and I really feel as though she's beginning to show off her true talents as an artist.. they are simply gorgeous! I can't wait to see what she produces next, and where her inspiration takes her!!

So, I've picked out my favorites, but first, I'd like to share with you a word from her!-
"Painting has always been a passion and also something more or less self taught. My work is a pure enjoyment of colour, tone and texture. I revel in being able to play with paint to my heart's content and that others take pleasure from seeing things I have created. I feel the work itself holds a quality which allows it to be evocative and yet, equally, undemanding of the viewer. I believe that attributing significance should be a personal choice."

(Sarah's paintings are available for purchase on her website. She also works on commission, for further information on this, see her website and email her.)

*Just One Sheep* 40cm x 60cm *Nothing's Missing* 45cm x 30cm
*Making Bail* 60cm x 100cm *Looking The Other Way* 110cm x 50cm

*Raison D'etre* 40cm x 75cm *Three Apples and a Pork Pie* 60cm x 80cm

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