Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Maine - Third Place!

I have been cruising real estate again!! But this time, in Maine, which by the way, I'm really liking the look of!
I found three gorgeous homes I wouldn't say no to, and I'm going to post them all, third place first... So! Without further ado.....

This is a four bedroom, 2.5 bath, colonial house with hardwood floors, located in downtown Camden.. just a five minute walk away.
I love that this house was built in 1903, as I'm not a fan of new housing.. and I just adore the look of the front of this house!! (see first pic!). This house has got a little charm, I'm loving the wood floors, sloped ceilings, fireplaces and the amount of light.... but it's dropped to third for it's lack of garden and acreage (although what it does have is very pretty - don't know about the painted deck), it's proximity to other homes (which are looking right over my back porch) and I'm not quite sure I can see the oodles of charm and character that I'd need...

Still.. third place isn't bad!

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