Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Dream Desk!

Vintage Metal Desk

Talking of desks.... 
My Dad has worked for Michigan State University for many years now (I'd have to say 30+ years!), and has had the same office for almost the entire time. Over that time, it's changed a little bit here and there, but it's essentially looked the same as it did when I was a little girl growing up in Michigan.
With that office, he's always had the same greenish metal desk - one I distinctly remember hiding under too! But when he had to move out of there last year, and into the building's new addition, it was a little sad.. (even if his new office looks rather nice!).
Due to this, his desk was to surely change too - and I couldn't bear the idea of loosing his old vintage metal desk which held so many memories, it was like a piece of family history! 
Thankfully however, at my insistent request! Dad saved it!! And now sits at his house (along with a matching table!) waiting for me to give it a proper home!!!! One day, I will have it in my home, where it will take pride of place and be tenderly cared for.. I'll look forward to that time!

It looks very similar to the one in the image above - if not exactly like it!
When it does come to be with me, I think I'll have it sit on a cowhide rug, like those in the photos below - either in it's hide shape, or in a patchwork! Perfect!!

Cowhide!! Left, Kim's Living Room (and that's Kim from Desire to Inspire!). Right, Black and White Patchwork rug from Pure Rugs.

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