Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Dad!!

Chair Ladder, South Cornwall, UK

So I decided I'm going to do a lil shout out to my Dad!
Even though we're only an hour or so away from each other by plane, I wish we were closer, and I could see him more often than I do (the next time will be the beginning of March! I can't wait!)
My Dad is a great rock climber, and he loves it! He travels all over the US and England with his friends on climbing trips, hitting one rock after another, with Rufus in tow when possible!
Dad used to climb before he met my Mum, and I'm so happy he's gotten back into it so much - it really makes him happy!
This year I'm hoping he'll be making a climbing trip to The Gunks, so he'll be close for a NYC visit!!! Fingers crossed!!
Ripple, Enchanted Rock, Texas High Exposure, The Gunks, New York

Brinton's Buttress, Devil's Lake, Wisconsin The Gunks, New York

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Clever Elsie said...

Your dad is amazing! My palms get clammy just looking at that!