Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Maine - Second Place!

Runner up! Now, picking between first and second place wasn't easy. And it was just a few things that swung it... but important things.

So here we are, a beautiful and whimsey three bed, 2 3/4 bath, contemporary cottage with panoramic views of Rockland Harbor... and I must say, that deck is stunning!
I love the idea of being near the water - and this is so close you could hear it! With lots of charm, I'm really liking this place... and it has that 'ready to move in' quality which I know many like. Also, on it's lower floor it has a separate apartment, great for guests, as well as - yes!! A painting room!!!
It's current owners have done a wonderful job on redecoration too - whimsy is the right word! Warm, homey, comfortable... this would be a gorgeous place to live, I really couldn't complain...

What does drop it to second place is that it's a 2005 construction. And yes, I'm sure some would kick me for saying such a thing. But I need old... character which has come from many years and generations of use..
The other thing, is again, the proximity to other homes. This house only sits on 0.1 acres... not much. Also, I'm a big fan of putting my own stamp on my home, so 'ready to move in' although nice, isn't a huge selling point for me... I need to retile a bathroom, renovate a kitchen!!

As so... second place, but a really beautiful one..

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