Saturday, January 10, 2009

my lil room...

West Elm's Parsons Desk in Silver and in 'Wheatgrass' Green.

This year, I want to do a little re-vamp on my bedroom, give it a little more love lets say..
First off, I think it will be some decent curtains! I'm a little undecided though... I want to keep it simple, clean. So.. sheer-ish cream or white? Or how about something prettier, and a lightly patterned semi sheer white? Hm.. I think I like that idea better! I LOVE the light - in fact I swear I need it at all times... so I'm not into total black-out curtains.

Above, would have to be the next step - a decent desk! The little round one I have right now, is becoming more of a problem than I'd like! There's never enough room! From a little investigation, my favorite would have to be West Elm's Parsons Desk, nice and simple... the silver has a touch of glamour (and on sale!) or perhaps in the new 'Wheatgrass' green?! Oh, decisions!

Ivory Sheer Curtains, and Ikea's Ofelia Curtains

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