Thursday, August 28, 2008


I found out earlier this week that my Sister had started a blog! And not one - but two!!! So of course, I had to check them out! I just love that she's got the blog bug! Now, and daily! I can see what she's up to, what she's into, and what she loves and hates all in one click of a mouse!!

This sure does save on some serious phone bills - she's in England, and I'm in New York.. so enough said!
And what kind of a sister would I be if I didn't give her a lil shout out on my blog?!
So here, I present to you, my Sister, Kathryn Elizabeth Hunter...and her two blogs, 'I'm Loving All Of This..' (for her love of fashion!) and 'Then She Wrote' (for everything else she likes and loves!) So check them out!

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