Friday, August 29, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This morning I read an article on how the FDA is proposing to remove the term 'irradiated' - in other words, foods exposed to radiation - from it's labeling of food products. They are also proposing a new language, or buzz word for it, other than 'irradiated' or 'pasteurized' - Link.

Sadly, since September 2007, they have started 'pasteurizing' yummy raw almonds. Pasteurizing is a process which not only kills mircoorganisms, but also kills enzymes and other living qualities - all of which our bodies need for healthy nutrition. And so be warned - if it says 'raw' on your almonds - that doesn't actually mean it's raw... For more information, please see this natural news link

In reading this, I again felt a strong desire to grow my own food, have my own little vegetable patch and have berries growing freely for freshly made jams too! So I went in search of some images of my dream patch, and thought I would share them here. All fresh and healthy! No pasteurization here!

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