Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brooklyn Bridge & Ice Cream!

downtown new york city, from dumbo, brooklyn...and the east river.

The other weekend, my friend Kara and I took a fun trip all the way to Dumbo (the acronym which stands for 'Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) on the subway, to feast on ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory while we watched the water, hang out and see the skyline. It's always nice sometimes to get out of the city and look back at it - adds a certain kind of perspective when you live, breathe and work on such an island!
We then walked back across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, something neither of us have ever done before even though we've lived in NY long enough to should have by now!
I took some pictures, and thought I'd share some with you... They're in the order I took them, from the above down...
The Brooklyn Bridge, on it's completion in 1883, was the largest suspension bridge in the world, stretching the 5989 feet (1825m) across the East River - 50% bigger than any previously built! It took 13 years to complete and 27 people died during it's construction. 

brooklyn bridge..

view of the manhattan bridge, from the brooklyn bridge..

since 1883....

new york, new york....and a yellow taxi..

sun sets on downtown..

the empire state building..

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