Sunday, August 24, 2008

Muffins and America...

This was me yesterday afternoon!

Yesterday I went to the Farmer's Market on 14th Street, I really should go there more often - I love it! Of course, there were about a billion other people there too, I should have made my trip earlier in the day! I went up with my main goal of getting some fresh blueberries, and I found some juicy ones from New Jersey.. they tasted so good too that I picked up two containers!
So yesterday when I got home, I put on my pink 1950's apron and got to work! I just love making muffins - they're so easy and the possibilities are endless with what you can put in them! No two batches of mine are ever the same, and I love that about them, it's like a surprise every time one comes out of the oven!
This batch was made with, of course, blueberries and with oats. Below you'll see a pic - although I've eaten this one now! - and it was so good! There's nothing quite like homemade muffins...

one of my blueberry and oat muffins...yum!

So this morning, while having my breakfast of a blueberry muffin and fresh coffee, I thought about a photographer, Michael Eastman, who's work I really like. His freshness and his use of space and proportion are a real inspiration to me.
And with my 50's apron and muffin making, I couldn't help but think of his "Vanishing America" series. Below I have posted some of my favorites, some of these make me sad that parts of America have really turned into this, others make me happy that these places existed in the first place.....

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