Sunday, August 10, 2008

Apartment Redecoration Part Four!

Now although I haven't been able to make a start on painting my 'headboard' this weekend, I thought I'd show a bit more of my room! Above, are my book shelves, which I finally got up on the wall! Sat on studs, these babies aren't budging! (I've had scary book shelf falling moments before!!) Now, of course, I have my books in color order - is there any other way to have them?!! Ha!! I love that this picture shows off what a lovely pink my walls are...thank you to those bright sunshine filled mornings!

Below is my armchair, I love this chair..sitting in it relaxing and reading, its super comfy. (complete with sheepskin and more Lulu DK fabric - 'Isis' in Tourmaline) It's right at the end of my bed, and next to my huge's my little getaway. Although I swear Oscar thinks it's his...ahem..ha!

my boy...on "his" armchair!

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