Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Drawings...

black and white charcoal on pale green drawing paper, 18"x24"

I thought I'd share a few of my drawings with you. Above is my favorite!

I completed a Fine Art degree at the University of West of England, Bristol. However, I didn't really get a chance to embrace this kind of work I love doing until I moved to NYC! 

So for my own enjoyment, I signed up for a semester of portrait drawing classes at the National Academy on the Upper East Side last Fall. I loved going here, even though the classes were long after a day at work, and I was tired - it was totally worth it! The people were great, and we all chatted away at breaks, at the end of the semester we even brought in cheeses and other food goodies - I made jam tarts! yum!

After this I joined the Spring Street Studio life drawing classes, they have a wonderful plan where you can buy a coupon for 10 classes for $100, and then go to any of the classes you want! From quick sketches, long poses, and two models together, this is a great chance to get into life drawing. The place fills up quickly, it's first come, first gets a seat - but everyone is very kind, and will squeeze you in where they can! My suggestion - get there early!

So the four I have here are from my National Academy classes, I've found I'm much more interested, and better, at doing long poses - where I can get into the drawing and work through it. I'm pretty proud of these, so I hope you enjoy looking at them!

2b pencil on white drawing paper, 18"x24"

2b pencil on white drawing paper, 18"x24"

black and white charcoal on royal blue drawing paper, 8.5"x11"

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