Thursday, March 5, 2009

Last Weekend!

Well I have been a busy bee lately! Last weekend I went crazy on cleaning and revamping my apartment, trying to bring in Spring quicker with some dusting maybe?!!
Anyways, over the past few months, the number of books I own has greatly increased! I had no idea I had gained so many until I started picking them up from all around the apt and piling them up!!
So first thing first! It was high time my bookshelf got a through dusting, and the additions to my collection were correctly placed - and yes in color order!! What other way IS there??!! ;)
From there, I went from a complete clean, from washing the floors, to organizing my tubes of paint!! me? a little o.t.t.? no!

Above are two pictures of my shelves completed (I have a huge shelves in the living room for bigger books and all of my art books) And below is the 'before' picture! Right after my huge apartment redecoration in Spring 08! (see that post here, here, here and here!!)

I just Love how they're looking now, and with my inspiration pin board too! (which will need a spring revamp soon enough as well!) I'm still looking for the perfect desk (which I posted about here) as well as some nice curtains... I'll get on that soon!

Another thing in my bedroom I just love is my dresser! I remember it from when I was a child in my Dad's house, my Sister had it for soo many years! It's got different pulls on two out of the five drawers, has a huge chip out of the second one down and the paint is crackling in places! It's hitting Shabby Chic, and I adore it!

Check out the photo below on the left! - On the right is a photo I just stumbled across, though I can't remember where from! (If anyone knows, please tell me!!) It completely reminded me of my own dresser!! A little different, a little similar... And I do soo love my antique mirror!! So gorgeous and so perfect on my dresser!!


Clever Elsie said...

I love your antique mirror, too. I can't decide whether I'd rather steal that or the Jimmy Choos. ;)

Lauren V. Hunter said...

Haha! How about neither??!! I do love my mirror it's true, it used to have really nice antique-ish piece of mirror inside it, until Oscar decided to bring the whole thing crashing down one morning at 5am!! arg!! ;)