Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Apartment's Redecoration, Part One!

So I've been promising to show you my big apartment redecoration for wayyy too long!! So finally I've pulled together some of the first few pictures of my bedroom, pre redecoration!
Sadly, I totally forgot to take ones before I removed out most of the furniture and my clutter, so these will have to do....and anyways - the place was way too cramped, messy and didn't miss too much! In the above and below pictures, just add a big nasty wood dresser (twice the size of the white one above, although slightly shorter), two bedside tables, piles of books, papers, tubes of paint, a laptop with no home, an armchair...and well, place it in annoying places where there are way too many 'void' unusable spaces (which just seemed to collect empty bags, shoe boxes, as well as Oscar's fur and toys!)......does that help for a visual?! Hopefully you'll enjoy seeing what I've been doing to improve it - and hopefully as much as I've enjoyed doing it!

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