Thursday, July 3, 2008

Light, Glorious Light!

So I've been pretty busy recently! I'm undergoing the drastic redecoration of my apartment! Of course, my big problem is, I don't want to show it off until its all done and perfect! - but then you can't have fun watching it all change!!!! So for now, while I gather the photos ready for you, I'll start by dreaming with you a little instead!
Ohh, Hello Moooi! How much do I love Jurgen Bey's Lights?!! How much would I love to have this beautiful lamp in my apartment right now?!!! I'm sure you would recognize his stunning "Shade Shade" lamp below - one which I have admired for as long as I can remember! I love how he mixes the old and traditional with a sharp twist of modern, he does it seamlessly... But when I saw the above Light Shade, I was in Love! Capturing my heart with my passion for traditional art on the shade inside... perfection!!!

Although my heart I leave with the Light Shade above, I do have a soft spot or two for the following lights! Appealing to my more abstract side, these are pretty intense - and in the right place in a home, would look a dream!

Pink! I just painted my walls in my room this gorgeous, hardly there, soft pink (I'm truly embracing my femininity here and loving it!! You'll see what I mean with photos soon!!!)
And so in that breath, I fell over myself when I found these lights in the pictures above and below! Andromeda flawlessly creates these stunning handmade glass lights, I am still in awe of the detail and precision in these pieces... Andromeda was founded in 1972 in Murano, Italy - a glassmaker's heaven since 1291, where else could these beauties originate from?! 
Wood, Beautiful Wood! Crispy clean, warm and inviting... How amazing would this light below look in the perfect den? Or lounge? Or Hallway? Or pretty much anywhere?!!
Through the wonders of the designers Guillermo Capdevila and Jorge Pensi for B.Lux, and one of my favorite little stores, 2Modern, I bring you the Helios Wood Pendant Lamp!...with 18 panels of clear varnished wood, and a core of 7 sockets, this perfectly constructed and gorgeous light certainly would not dim any room!!

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