Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cherries and Teacups...

4x4 inches / oil on panel

So I was cruising images, looking for some inspiration and ideas for my artwork. And I just so happened to stumble across some amazing still life paintings, impressed by their realism and the attention to detail, I had to investigate further into who had made these beautiful pieces...

It was then that I found Jeanne Illenye's blog....which is where I found my absolute favorites, these three paintings of Queen Anne Cherries and a blue Italian teacup.
Her blog shows her wealth of talent, in flowers, chocolates, fruits, and other items including a baseball! Check it out here!

"Predominantly a self taught artist, Jeanne received her initial training at an early age through private instruction. She later attended the Ridgewood School of Art in New Jersey and Pratt Institute in New York. Inspired by the Dutch Masters Jeanne utilizes a warm, earthy palette and elaborate, fluid compositions punctuated by strong contrasts. She incorporates signs of age into her work as a reminder of nature’s delicacy and transience."

Well, I'm certainly impressed, and definitely inspired! Also, check out her ebay site to view her work available for purchase!

Oh, and one fun fact about Jeanne Illenye is that she can write with both hands simultaneously back ward and upside down - just like Leonardo DaVinci!! Nice! - Now that must be handy!!

6x6 inches / oil on panel

4x4 inches / oil on panel

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