Friday, July 25, 2008

Apartment Redecoration Part Two!!

So, this is my living room, The lamp and the rug are my Roomie's - sorry this pic isn't too great, I took it in the evening, and well, one of the sacrifices of living in NYC is the occasional lack of windows - The huge window in my room makes up for it though - which you'll see later!

And ahhh, my Sofa, oh how I love you!! Down filled, and an antique dream, it's absolute heaven to sink into....shame the photo doesn't show it off enough!! Also, you may notice the Lulu DK cushions! Perks of working for the company!! Bloomsbury in Tourmaline, and Chant in Sky...check out the fabrics here!

Well, when I moved in here the wall behind the bookcase shelves were an awful white, dirty and not so pleasant... So I chose a warm pale creamy brown, which goes a dream with the wood and the sofa..without being "beigey"!
Okay, so I like my's pretty cosy, and super comfy, and still feels big even with the three seater sofa (again - imagine NYC apartments, and how rare this can be!!) And I promise to get better pictures asap!

There is just one thing I would love in here....and that's in the picture below! I have a soft spot for cow hide rugs...and this cool creamy beige and white would just add that bit of pop, lightness, and a much needed curvy shape into my living room...oh it!! (and the lamp too!!)

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