Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vroom Vroom!!

How British could I be right now?! Yes....I'll have one of these please!

Okay, to some people this might sound a little odd, but yet here I am, a 27 year old with absolutely no driving license, never even a learning permit, and no lessons or tests ever taken....shocking right?! How have I made it through life this long without it?!!!

And of course, then you may raise the question, "why on earth would I need one if I live in NYC?!"

Well, of course, these things are good to have - what if a pregnant friend of mine needs to be driven to the hospital and her husband isn't around?!!! And, it's also good to help drive on lets say...long weekend trips to North Carolina perhaps?!!

Then I was thinking about getting a moped permit....and getting one of these gorgeously old school, wonderfully pink, classic Vespa's!! Now that would be fun - zipping around the city...well, except for when it snows....ahem....ha!

Well wish me luck on the test!! How hard can it be anyways?!!

Perfect Powder Pink...Love it!

Hot pink? Love this photo!

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