Monday, July 28, 2008

Lovely Lime!

It's a quiet afternoon at work, and so I was browsing through the July issue of 'Interior Design' while drinking a Nespresso Coffee.... It seems lime green is a bit of a theme in this issue. Now, I'll admit, It's never been a favorite color of mine, nor would I think to put it all over my house....But! I never thought it could be pulled off quite as well as two of the featured houses...Have I been convinced into loving lime? Um, no...But I'm definitely inspired! And somehow left feeling refreshed!!

For super Lime, check out the article "Guest Appearance" (shown above), a guest house in the hills of LA, created by Architect Istanbullu - and with only one lead, to "encourage contemplation". And I think he succeeded! He explains that the green cement-fiber panels on the exterior "are like blades of grass moving in the wind".

Below must be my favorite article featured in the magazine, "Romancing the Ranch", with it's lime green window frames, it adds a beautiful punch to the dark wood, this revamped 1950's house in LA is a clean, fresh, wonder..I love the careful use of bold patterned wallpapers, mosaic tiles, and the hot pink patterned chair....But my absolute favorite part of this house is the stair case (pictured below), gorgeous natural wood with a huge colorful bookshelf, painted a delicious duck egg blue...and to top it all off perfectly, and huge chandelier in that same blue...I wish I could have this staircase in my home!!
I actually first saw this image in the blog Desire to Inspire where they were showing photographs from Eric Staudenmaier's portfolio, I loved it then just as much as I do now!

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Layla said...

I haven't been able to accept lime into my palette yet either, but I have grown fond of apple.

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