Monday, March 30, 2009

Daylight Desk Pics!

As promised, photos of my new desk in daylight!! Ohh, I'm so in love with it! Believe it or not, I've been longing all day to sit at it!! And here I am! Time to get some painting done! The desk has actually inspired me!!!


Alba Trosse said...

Hello Lauren...congratulations...and best whishes for further inspirations at you desk. I enjoy all your postings...Claudia

Lauren V. Hunter said...

Hi Claudia! Thank you for your post! I'll be posting the results of it's inspiration soon! Thank you!

Clever Elsie said...

What a lovely desk! It must've been waiting just for you to appreciate it. ;)

It really is incredible what people will throw out! I remember when someone I met early in my NYC days found a bookcase in perfect condition just a block or so away from him.

Anyway, it's lovely and fits so well in your room, and I love that Oscar has already made it his own, too. :)